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Beard Trimmer Buying Guide

Beard Trimmers – Do You Need Them? What Should You Know Before Buying a Pair?

So, you’ve been growing your beard for a while and that's awesome. But, you’ll need to trim it at some point, which is why this is probably the right time to invest in a solid pair of beard trimmers.

Bro's, there are so many friggen beard trimmers on the market, how do you know which trimmer is the right one for you?

In this comprehensive buying guide to beard trimmers, we're going to cover everything about them, why you need them, and what sort of trimmers are appropriate for you based on your face type, beard style/size and lifestyle!

Why Should I Buy a Beard Trimmer?

If you’re a dude, you’ll likely need to buy one at some point in life. It doesn’t matter whether you sport a glorious beard already, or are clean shaven at the moment. A beard trimmer is an essential part of a man’s armory and grooming needs.

One of the unfortunate facts about growing a beard is that you develop spilt ends which makes your beard look kinda scraggly. Split ends also prevent healthy beard growth.

If you want to grow a long, healthy beard, you should always trim the split ends when they start to surface. Split ends cause wiry growth and make your beard look rather wild and beat up.

Got a short beard? If so, your beard will require touching up almost on a weekly basis.  You can use scissors too, but that’s a complete time suck, not to mention a chore you can do without. Use a trimmer instead, they save time, are more precise, convenient, and are much easier to use.  Just put on an appropriate length clipper guard and glide it over your beard, as simple as that!

With a trimmer, you can also taper the beard down the sides, giving it a defined shape, clean up the cheek and necklines and get fades going as well.

You pumped up about buying your first beard trimmer? Here’s how to choose one.

Multiple Beard Trimmers

Beard Trimmer Buying Guide – What to Look for in a Beard Trimmer

What are the most important criteria to consider when deciding which beard trimmer is the right one for you?

Our experience tells us that you should look at the following:

  • Corded vs Cordless Trimmers
  • Multiple Attachments (Guards) 
  • Trusted Brands
  • Battery Life
  • Trusted Online Reviews
  • Price
  • Travel Size: Small Vs Large Trimmer
  • Noise
  • Warranty
  • Width of the Trimming Blade 
  • Maintenance: Using Oil for Blades Vs. Self-Sharpening
  • Types of Blades: Ceramic Blade Vs Stainless Steel Blade
  • Durability
  • Accessories

This is the criteria that we shall focus on. Let’s discuss them in detail, so that by the end of this article you will know exactly which beard trimmer is the best choice for you!

Value vs. Price

High quality at a reasonable price. Is that too much to ask? No, there are quite few quality trimmers that you can buy for a very good price.

But, the best trimmers on the market, especially those made by some of the leading brands in the business such as Philips, Wahl and Panasonic are not going to be cheap, but they are going to last you for years.

Remember: It’s not the price that matters, but the value of the bear trimmer. A good trimmer from a trusted brand, one that is available for a good price, will last much longer than a cheap one. Focus on the value, not the price.

Trusted Brand Name(s)

Brand name matters! That is the cardinal truth of the advertising business – it is much easier to promote a product made by a trusted brand than one made by a not-so-well-known brand. This is true with beard trimmers as well.

Trimmers made by highly reputable and established brand names such as Philips, Wahl, Andis, and Panasonic will always do well on the market. For sure, there are some trimmers made by relatively unknown brands that sell well, but that is more of an exception than a rule.

There are three major advantages when you buy a trimmer from an established brand name – One, availability. You can be fairly confident that when you zone in on a name brand beard trimmer you want, you will be able to find it either online or in a retail store pretty easily.

Second, replacement parts. If you need to replace a part that broke because of some reason, you won’t need to look too hard to find a replacement.  Typically with larger manufacturers, you can contact them directly and get your trimmer covered under a warranty, or grab the parts that you need to fix it.

Third, an assurance of quality. You don’t feel like you’re taking a risk or a chance with your money when you buy a product made by an established company such as Wahl, Philips, Andis, or Panasonic. These companies have been around for almost a hundred years now and have reputation for quality and reliability.

Now, let’s quickly analyze the top 4 brand names when it comes to beard trimmers and tell you what to expect.

Philips Beard Trimmers – Philips makes some of the best trimmers on the market. Their trimmers are generally excellent quality, offering power, flexibility, multiple options, and great design.

Panasonic Beard Trimmers – Panasonic trimmers are waterproof; these are powerful, high performance beard trimmers that offer very good quality at a reasonable price. 

Wahl Beard Trimmers – If you haven't heard of Wahl, you have been very deprived. They are in almost barber shop across the land and have an extremely solid reputation for being debatably the best on the market.

Andis Beard Trimmers - Andis is well known in the professional space, but they haven't quite cracked the code on the retail, general consumer market yet.  Regardless, they offer very high quality beard trimmers that we really enjoy using around the office.

Battery Life

Why care about the battery life of a beard trimmer? After all, you only use it once every 2 or 3 days. Well, you should, as beard trimmers take many hours, 10 to 15 hours, before they are fully charged.

That is why it makes sense to buy a beard trimmer that gives you excellent battery life, so that you won’t need to charge it every time you use it.

Also, when you’re traveling you’ll need a trimmer with decent battery life, as you may not get an opportunity to charge it. What’s a decent battery life when it comes to beard trimmers? If you can swing two hours of battery life, that is very solid indeed.

Beard Trimmers and Accessories

Corded Vs. Cordless Beard Trimmers

Speaking of battery life, you won’t need to worry about that if you have a corded trimmer. Corded vs. cordless is one major decision you’ll need to make when buying a beard trimmer.

Cordless trimmers are convenient for sure. They're convenient when traveling, and you use them absolutely anywhere.  Corded trimmers will obviously have better power as the trimmers runs at longer rates, and they are perfectly suited for long and thick beards.

If you have a short beard or some stubble, a cordless trimmer is an easy choice. You don’t really need much power or trimming time in that case. 

Multiple Trimmer Attachments (Guards)

Another area you'll want to check into is the attachments and/or guards that come with the bear trimmer.  We have seen companies trending toward only offering four lengths and doubling up the guards to have a length on each side.

Some of these new trimmer guards can be a bitch to snap on and off, so beware if you grab a trimmer using these new dual sided attachments.  We are not fans of them.

Also, if you rely on attachments to trim your beard, make sure clippers have decent length attachments.  Some of them max out at very short lengths, which would only cover a very short beard.

Most people only use attachments or guards to trim or fade sideburns, but these are still important pieces to the puzzle of finding a great beard trimmer. 

Width of the Trimming Blade

This one is common sense.  The width of the trimming blade matters because wider blades allow you to cover more real estate quickly and easily. Smaller blades on the other hand are better for lining up edges and trimming mustache lip areas. They will give you the sort of precision and fine detail that you will not get with wider blades.

Ceramic Blades vs. Stainless Steel Blades

The two most common clipper blades you'll find are ceramic, and steel.

Ceramic blades are tend to run cooler and are corrosion free. They are durable to a certain point, and will last as long as you take care of them properly and don't drop them.  Some barbers claim they feel smoother and have a better glide to them.

Stainless steel blades are going to be much tougher, as they the are most durable blades you can get, being made of steel. Stainless steel blades also won't rust and are definitely less expensive than a ceramic clipper blade.  The blades are also easier to sharpen and come in a greater variety of sizes than ceramic does.

At the end of the day, this one is more of a personal preference.  If it comes down to cost and variety, stainless would appear to have the advantage.

Blade Maintenance

Keep em' sharp, keep em' clean, keep em' oiled.  In general, that's about all the maintenance you need.  When it comes to this one, stainless steel is definitely the victor. 


Most trimmers on the market come with a 2-year warranty. That’s the industry standard. But there are a few that come with a 3-year warranty.  Obviously you want to find the longest warranty you can when it comes to electronics.  Kind of a no brainer...

Trusted Online Reviews

The first thing I do when shopping online for any product, not just beard trimmers, is to read online reviews on Amazon and other reputable sites. We suggest that you do the same when buying beard trimmers.

It will become very obvious which clippers have a decent reputation and which don't.  If you stick to the name brands listed above and search for trimmers with good reviews within your price range, I am sure you will end up with a solid product.  Couple that with the knowledge gained in this article and you'll be well on your way!

Beard Trimmer Accessories


We talked about the importance of having an adjustable or interchangeable guard with the beard trimmer. That is by far the most important accessory that comes with a beard trimmer, but that’s not the only one.

You will need other accessories such as a charging stand, a travel bag, blade oil, scissors, brushes, combs, ect. The more you can score with your beard trimmer, the merrier!  Be sure to do your homework to try and get the most additional accessories you can. 

We hope this article will help guide you to the beard trimmer that is right for you.  Some guys like larger trimmers, some like smaller trimmers, some like certain length guards...different strokes for different folks! 

Now that you know the ins and outs of what to look for and think about before buying a beard trimmer, go out and find yourself a gem! 

If you want to know our personal recommendations, be sure to check out Spencer's article The Best Beard Trimmers of 2019!

Live Bearded, brothers!