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How to Trim a Handlebar Mustache

A solid handlebar mustache is an awesome way to set your beard apart and really stand out in the crowd. I swear, my stache gets more attention than my beard by a long shot. Growing a handlebar mustache isn't difficult, just give it time and it'll grow. But trimming and maintaining it can be extremely difficult (or so you thought).

Don't worry, after watching this video and/or reading this blog, you'll be able to grow and maintain one seriously impressive handlebar mustache. 

Growing a Handlebar Mustache

If you don't have a long stache currently, you'll want to let it grow a few months before you trim it to allow some length. Everybody's facial hair grows at different rates so it'll vary for everyone but usually you want at least 3 months before you start trimming. 

That said, I recommend applying a little mustache wax during these early stages to train the hairs to grow down and out. Put a little mustache wax on your fingers/thumbs and pull it down and to the sides. Just like parting your hair, it'll take some time for the hairs to get used to laying in a new direction. By applying the wax early it will shape up much easier later on. Pro Tip: Don't try to curl the ends too early!

If you're going for a full, all natural (no trim at all) handlebar mustache it's pretty straight forward and this post won't serve as much help. You will most definitely need a good amount of mustache wax and you'll want to keep it on you at all times. Use the wax to pull the hairs to the side and it'll stay out of your way for the most part.

I do have to say, having a natural stache is pretty awesome. It grows pretty gnarly and is the fullest, most badass version in my opinion. However, it's a huge pain in the ass when you eat or drink just about anything. So that said, the glory does come with a price which is why most of the time I opt for trimming mine a bit. I'll show you how.

Trimming a Handlebar Mustache

Now comes the hard part....trimming and shaping your handlebar mustache. Before you start trimming, make sure you have the proper tools. To get a proper handlebar mustache, you'll need a good set of scissors and I personally use electric beard trimmers as well. And by a good set of scissors I do NOT mean grabbing the kitchen shears. You need a fine point to really get detailed. 

Beard Trimmer

 There are three primary "parts" of a handlebar mustache you want to trim to give you shape, AND be able to eat and drink without causing a serious mess...or at least less of a mess. I personally recommend applying your mustache wax before you trim any part of your handlebar mustache. This will help you know what you really need to trim.

The Upper Lip

What I've found to work best is to clear some space at your upper lip about the width of your nose. This will create a "hedge" if you will of hairs so they are one uniform length. It also creates some space to jam your favorite food and drinks in without sifting them through the hairs. 

Personally I like using the electric beard trimmers for this, but scissors work just as well. I recommend starting in the middle of your lip and work outwards. As I said, you really only want to go the width of your nose or so as the wider hairs will need to grow longer to create the "handlebars". 

The Ends

When it comes to trimming the ends of your handlebar mustache, it's really simple in concept. Trim the ends to a matching length. Easy enough, right? Well yes, kind of. 

You'll want to use the scissors for this part and cut the ends to an even tip. I caution you not to spend too much time trying to get them absolutely "perfect". What may end up happening is trimming them lower and lower trying to get them exact, and your handlebar mustache can quickly become a mini handlebar mustache. 

Separating Your Handlebar Mustache

 Now one of the biggest difference makers in a good handlebar mustache and a GREAT one, comes in the separation. 

What I mean by that, is trimming away any beard hairs that blend into your handlebar mustache. By trimming these hairs away, you'll get a much more defined shape and style.

Handlebar Mustache Trimming

For this, I recommend grabbing all the hairs on your lip that make up your mustache, and pull them to the side. With your scissors, the idea is to trim the hairs on the cheek that sit under the handlebar mustache ends. By doing so, your mustache will have much more separation, and almost look as if it's sitting on top of your beard. 

Final Thoughts

I may be biased here (very biased), but I think you should give a handlebar mustache a shot. What's great about your beard and mustache is that you can mix it up and really see what you like. Worst case, you can cut it off!

Handlebar Mustache Trimming

I truly hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions about growing a handlebar mustache, or about anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. 

Here at Live Bearded, our mission is to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best. We are here to support you however we can, so let us know how!

Until next time, Live Bearded brother!