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What Is Live Bearded


Our Mission

We help beardsman look, feel, and be their best by creating outstanding products, publishing empowering content, and building a powerful brotherhood!

Our Philosophy

Our PhilosophyWe believe in putting our people ahead of profits by providing unreal customer service, creating the highest quality products possible, and standing behind everything we sell with a no questions asked lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.

Our Beliefs

We believe it is our responsibility, as men, to do better every day, to learn from our mistakes, grow through our failures, and strive to be the best man possible!

Our Values

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Our Team


Our Founders

Spencer Bryce

Spencer Bryce (Spence)

Spencer is a co-founder of Live Bearded and has a beard since the day he could grow one. Spencer grew up in a small Northern Arizona town, where he spent most of his time outdoors camping, shooting guns, hunting, and working on muscle cars.

Spencer has an undergraduate degree in business management and prides himself on helping others first. He is passionate about community and brotherhood and this is instilled in everything he does personally and professionally.

Beard Preference: Variety. Spencer loves to change his beard and appearance regularly.


Anthony Mink (Mink)

Anthony is also a co-founder of Live Bearded. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, hunting and fishing is a way of life and growing a beard is the rule, not the exception. Anthony comes from a long line of beardsmen including his father who has lived bearded for over 30 years!

Anthony has always had a desire to live life on his own terms, to not be confined by the system, or anyone in it so in 2011 he quit his "job" and started his own company so he could fulfill his dream of being his own boss, answering to no one, and traveling the world!

Since Anthony has built and sold 4 successful online companies and has traveled to 41 countries! With a deep passion for business, beards, and brotherhood, is more than just a beard grooming company for Anthony, it’s a passion project and a way of life!

Beard Preference: Medium