Beard Barbers: Find One Near You

We constantly get asked for recommendations on beard barbers who know how to properly trim beards. Most barbers will say they know how to trim a beard, but the reality of it is, we hear more nightmare stories than success stories when it comes to beard trims. Just because a barber knows how to cut hair, it does not mean they understand proper beard trimming.

After thousands of requests to recommend beard barbers, we went to our Facebook Brotherhood Group of 25k+ bearded brothers and asked them to submit the beard barbers they absolutely trust to trim their beards. The above map lists those barbers, and we are constantly adding to it based on submissions.

*Disclaimer: We have not personally been to all the barbers listed on this map. This is just a resource we put together based on other bearded brother feedback. Please do not hold us personally responsible for any experience you have by visiting one of these barbers...unless it’s a positive one! ;)

If you visit one of these barbers and they do not know about Live Bearded grooming products, please tell em’ we sent yah!

If you need a little help trying to find a beard barber in your area, this is a must read: How to find a beard barber.

Live Bearded Brothers!