How To Find A Beard Barber

Spencer Bryce |

I truly want to help you find the perfect beard barber in your home town because it pains me to hear all of these horror stories about a bad trim! I can relate as it took me SEVERAL attempts with local barbers before I found someone I trust with my beard.

After talking with hundreds of you guys, it seems as though finding a quality beard barber is a very common problem all across the country. So I sat down with my personal beard barber and asked a series of questions, and put this together as a guideline for you to follow before letting a barber touch your beard. My hope is that this will save you from costly mistakes that could set you back months of growth.

7 Steps to Find A Quality Beard Barber

1. Do Your Research

With technology today it is easy to find a barber with just a few clicks on your phone. But don’t just trust every review you see online! I recommend visiting the barber first hand, even if it’s just to check it out without sitting down for a trim. Talk to them and you’ll be able to tell who knows beards pretty quickly.

With the increase in popularity, many standard barbers have started offering beard services. You’ll want to speak with them to gauge their knowledge and feel them out before sitting in the chair. If they're good, they should have some before/after shots showcasing their work.

2. Ask For Referrals

This is a very good way to find a beard barber in your local area. If you see a great beard in your area, don't be afraid to ask him if he has a beard barber in the area he recommends. He will be happy to help.

This is also why we always ask our guys within our community for barbers they recommend. Our list of recommended beard barbers has been growing, so we put them together HERE on our website to try to help guys find a qualified beard barber near them!

3. Be Very Specific

Don’t ever just say: “I need a little trim” or “line me up". Be very specific exactly how much you want to take off and where your lines should be. “Take 1/4” off here” and "1/2'' off here" and show him the exact area you would like that length trimmed as well as where the line should connect and any other specific direction you can give him. Remember, the more specific direction you give him the less chance of miscommunication and mistakes.

4. Show Examples

You’ve heard it before. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I highly recommend you find several examples and save them to your phone. When you sit down in the chair, point out exactly what you like about the example you are showing. Point out where the neckline is shaved in, or how it is faded. And remember, be very specific here.

Having multiple angles is recommended to really give a good understanding. The most common mistake is a shaving your neckline too high. This causes your beard to look too small on your face and is a mistake made by bearded brothers at home and barbers as well. I highly recommend you always make a point to show them where your neckline should be. Where your neck meets your head, NOT exactly on your jawline

Bad Neckline: You can see the neckline is shaved too high not to mention his cheek lines are shaved much too low.

Beard disaster!

Good Neckline: Here you can see his neckline is where it should be, where his head meets his neck. His cheek line is also higher which together gives a much fuller and proportionate look.

Happy beardsman.

5. Speak Up

Don’t be afraid to be repetitive. Double stating what you want certainly won’t hurt to drive the point across. Be respectful of course, but if you notice the barber now following your instructions, don’t be afraid to speak up and stop him mid trim. The last thing you want to do is not say something during the trim and pretend all is well. He is a professional and will understand.

6. Our Beard Barber Map

If you're looking for a beard barber near you, be sure to check out our beard barber map!


Once you have found a good beard barber you like, don’t forget to repeat these steps until you have seen him several times and he really begins to understand what you like. Even then, I suggest you always remind him just to be safe. They see hundreds of beards in their chair and you don’t want to make the assumption that they will always get it right.

We are humans, we all make mistakes, however I hope this article helps you find a good beard barber and avoid a mistake being made on your hard earned beard!

Our team is always here to answer any specific questions you have. If you’re looking for recommendations or help in any way, don’t ever hesitate to contact us anytime! 

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