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Hey Brother,

Do you know why we started Live Bearded? 

Here's a hint...

It wasn't because we wanted to sell oils, washes and balms...

...or because we love dealing with inventory management, lost orders and broken combs!

And it sure as hell wasn't because we wanted to make a quick buck on the "beard trend"... 

Hell no!

It was because of ONE reason...


Our founders (Spencer & Anthony) have over 10 years of brotherhood, trust, respect and loyalty between them...

And they started Live Bearded because they both LOVE the brotherhood in the beard community. 

It's truly second to none!

To us, growing a beard is NOT a trend, it’s a Lifestyle! 

And our mission is to support and serve the bearded community anyway we can! 

And our goal at Live Bearded is to treat every single customer like a brother (like family)! 

Here's how we do that and why you should buy from us... 

Unreal Customer Service

We believe in service! Every product we sell comes with a LIFETIME Warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call or email anytime, we always have your back! 

Great Products at Great Prices

We believe in quality! Every product we sell is hand picked, custom formulated and designed to perfection. Our oils, washes, waxes, butters and supplements are made in the USA!

Free Shipping In The USA

We believe in simplicity! We hate paying for shipping when we shop online so you never will. All orders in the USA ship free and typically arrive within 3-5 business days!

From one brother to another, it's an honor to support you and that glorious beard of yours!

Thanks for being apart of our brotherhood!

Let us know you need anything, we've always got your back!

Call or email anytime...

Live Bearded Brother!











Hey Brother,

Live Bearded is a company started by two best friends (Spencer & Anthony) with over 10 years of brotherhood, trust, respect and loyalty between them…

And our #1 priority is treating every single customer with the same level of trust and respect 10 years of friendship and brotherhood is built on!

When you shop with us, you become our brother and we have your back, no matter what!

To us, growing a beard is not a trend, it’s a Lifestyle

And when you shop with us, your family! That's why 

When you shop online, we know you have a lot options, here’s why you should buy from us and join brotherhood: 


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We are a brotherhood, a lifestyle brand and a beard grooming company all rolled up into one. We exist to support you and the bearded lifestyle anyway we can! To us, a beard represents...

live bearded values

 Our Commitment:




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Real Feedback From Real Customers: 

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