3 Tips For The Perfect Handlebar Mustache

Nathan Daggett |

The handlebar mustache is an iconic look, and one we think everyone should try at least once. 

But as anyone who as ever grown out their mustache can attest, it isn't as simple as just letting it grow.

You need the right tools, and the right knowledge to really perfect the look.

Today Spencer breaks down his top 3 tips to get the perfect handlebar mustache.

1.Proper Trimming

Trimming both above and below the mustache is key to getting a really defined look. We recommend using your MT-1 beard trimmer to get the job done.

2. Evening Out The Ends

To get this step right we highly recommend a good pair of beard scissors and your favorite mustache wax

Make sure you don't keep bouncing back from side to side trying to get it perfect, if you aren't careful you will end up with a super narrow mustache, and we all know why that isn't a good look!

3. Separate Your Mustache From Your Beard

For this tip you will again need your MT-1 beard trimmer. This cut can be a little more tricky than the others, but getting it right will make a huge difference in the appearance of your mustache!

Recommended Tools:

- MT-1 Beard Trimmer
- Beard Scissors
 Mustache Wax
- Premium Comb