"Nothing But Compliments!"

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Ben York |

There are two lines in this amazing review video from our guy Eric (aka "Hapa") that made us chuckle...

No. 1: "I can't tell you how many times I get stopped by people asking what cologne I'm wearing," Eric said. "I tell them I don't wear cologne to work and it's probably my beard!"

Eric is a personal trainer so he's constantly going back and forth on the gym floor all day long... but that Live Bearded scent lasts all day!

No. 2: "The apparel... they put thought into everything. Super cool. It plays in why I like repping the company. It's an unheard of amount of customer service."

Eric is right; we put a lot of intention into our product line. Each shirt design reflects our mantras of "doing better," being accountable for your actions and "grateful" for the life we have. 

This is the type of feedback we LOVE to get! 

Thanks for the kind words, Eric.

We are always looking for ways to learn, grow and improve. Please do not hesitate to reach out and share.

You can email us at support@livebearded.com.

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