5 Beard Growing Tips for Guys Under 25

Spencer Bryce |

Want a bigger beard? Patience young grasshopper...

An epic beard doesn’t grow overnight, it’s an art that truly takes years to master. Don't want to wait?

Follow these 5 steps from the co-founder and executive beard of Live Bearded, Spencer Bryce to speed up the process, shortcut time and grow an epic beard faster than ever before!

1. Exercise

Not only will this make you healthier overall, but exercising regularly will increase your testosterone levels which trigger beard growth (and muscle growth). It will give you more energy, more confidence and a better beard! Want to really increase your T levels? I got one word for you... squats!

2. Diet

There are known vitamins and nutrients needed to promote thicker beard growth, most of which can be consumed through foods such as lean proteins, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, salmon, avocados, walnuts and much more. We wrote the book on it and we are giving it away for FREE!

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3. Supplement

There is a much easier way to ensure you get the necessary vitamins and nutrients daily to help your beard grow fuller, healthier and faster. These vitamins have been proven to to increase growth rate, thickness, and overall health of your beard.

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4. Oil

Beard oil is the foundation of a good beard. A high quality beard oil moisturizes the skin and hair to promote thicker, faster, healthier growth, and eliminate beard itch and dandruff. It will leave your beard softer, more manageable, leaving your beard looking its best at all times. It is a must for a beard of any size.

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5. Own What You Have

Own the beard that you have and don’t compare yours to others. If yours isn’t coming in fully on the cheeks, have some patience and follow the steps listed above. With proper supplementation, diet and exercise, your beard will make some serious progress and you’ll be well on your way to your desired beard.

Co-Founder of Live Bearded and fellow Beardsman Spencer Bryce says every beard is unique and the wearer should be proud of his beard, regardless of size and shape!

No two beards are the same and that’s what makes them so great! My beard is a reflection of who I am and my personal style.”

Said Spencer Bryce, who’s primary goal is to help every bearded brother grow the best beard possible and help him along the way in any way possible.

Because of this goal, Live Bearded sources every product in the USA and uses nothing but the best ingredients to ensure the quality for their customers. Plus, all of their products are backed with a LIFETIME guarantee and are guaranteed to work or your money back.

The goal isn’t to sell you products, the goal is to help you grow the beard you desire, and our products have nothing but the best ingredients to help you get there faster”.

Spencer struggled with slow growth, patchiness and gaps in his beard when he first started growing.

Spencer Bryce
I’ve learned the hard way through trial and error and hundreds of dollars spent. I want to create the best damn products available and offer helpful tips so that others don’t have to make the mistakes and waste the time I did."

Live Bearded’s products like BEARD BOOST and the True Beardsmen Bundle have become part of Spencer’s daily beard routine and he feels his beard is better than it’s ever been. His 90 day transformation is truly incredible! See for yourself...

Spencer before and after

This is 90 days of growth progress using BEARD BOOST and STRAIGHT Up beard oil daily.

There’s something to be said about the confidence a good beard gives a man. When a customer comes to me and thanks me for the progress he’s seen and the confidence he’s gotten from it…that’s when I know we’re doing something great here."

Over the last year, Spencer Bryce and Live Bearded have quickly grown into one of the highest rated beard companies on the planet with thousands of 5 star reviews and customers raving about the quality of their products and customer service. Here is what a few BEARD BOOST customers have to say about here results...

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The BEARD BOOST works great, it helped my beard grow thicker and helped to get past the plateau point if my beard where it wouldn't grow any longer. I'll definitely be buying more in the future. I saw immediate results! - Dylan Schuster

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