5 Beard Growth and Style Tips for a Better Beard

Spencer Bryce |

Sure, growing a beard is as easy as putting the razor down, but growing an impressive beard takes just a little effort. By following these tips your beard will look, feel, smell and grow better than ever before.

1. Don't wash your beard with bar soap.

Bar soap and traditional shampoos contain ingredients that are too harsh for your face and can cause more harm than good. They can dry your face and beard, which can slow your beard growth and cause itch and irritation.

The skin on your face is very different than the skin on the rest of your body. Use a beard wash designed specifically for your beard for best growth and health.

2. Don't trim your jawline.

A beard trim will help you define your beard style, and keep you from looking like you're just being lazy. Where you trim though is critical. Don't trim your beard on your jawline, it will leave your beard looking more like a chin strap.

Trim your beard lower where your head connects to your neck just above your Adam's apple for a better beard style and shape. The added neck hairs will also give your beard a much fuller appearance as it grows longer.

3. Don't use beard oil on your beard.

That may seem contradictory, but the truth is beard oil is designed for your SKIN, not your beard. Every experience BEARD ITCH?  That's because your skin is extremely dry.

You want to use beard oil daily to moisturize your skin and help your beard grow healthier, faster and fuller. But you want to make sure to apply it to the skin to get the real benefits.

4. Have patience & don't compare.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your glorious beard. Take care of your beard and you'll quickly grow to the beard length and style you want.

How quickly? Well, on average a beard grows about a half-inch per month. So if you are looking for a beard to hang 6 inches from your chin, get ready to grow for the next year or so.

There are things you can do to grow faster and fuller.

  • Sleep more - 5 hours minimum
  • Stress less - stress decreases testosterone 
  • Workout - stay active to boost testosterone
  • Eat healthy - lean protein, dark leafy greens, avocadoes are great
  • Supplement - if you don't like to eat healthily, or you want the most convenient way to grow better, you can supplement with a vitamin like Beard Boost.

The last thing you want to do is try to rock a beard style that doesn't fit with what you're working with. If your beard is curly, wavy or stick-straight, don't try to rock a style that doesn't play to your strengths. Embrace the beard you have and work with what you got! 

Need some advice? That's what we're here for!

5. Use all-natural beard products

The beard products you use will make all the difference in how your beard looks, feels, smells and grows. What you put on your beard and skin absorbs into your body so you really need to avoid products with synthetic or chemically engineered ingredients, and especially those with alcohol. These products may be a buck or two cheaper, but they can reak havoc on your beard and skin.

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Final thoughts

I truly hope you found these tips helpful! With the right products and routine, and just a few minutes a day, your beard will look, feel, smell, and grow better than ever. 

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Live Bearded, Brother!