5 Hacks for Your Mustache

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Nathan Daggett |

Your mustache is dab smack in the middle of your face so you really should keep it looking great! Unfortunately, the mustache can be a little tricky. Trimming and styling your mustache isn't the easiest, and eating and drinking is a complete pain. But I've learned a few hacks over the years and put them together for you to really make your mustache game easier.

Style your Mustache with Mustache Wax

Mustaches are glorious, there's no arguing that. BUT...there is nothing worse than a long mustache that droops down all sad and depressing. Fortunately for you, there's this magical tube of sticky mustache wax thats entire purpose of existence is to make your mustache look glorious! 

mustache wax

If you're going for a natural looking mustache, a little goes a long way. Start in the middle of your mustache and work towards the outside. If your mustache is already long enough to style into a handlebar shape, twist as if you're snapping your finger and thumb at the end to train your hairs.

The Kissing Cut

Don't let the name fool you, this is a great way to trim away some clearance around your mouth. The concept is pretty straight forward, pucker up and grab a pair of electric beard trimmers.

Starting in the middle, you want to trim the hairs to form a straight line about the width of your nose. How low or high you want this line is really based on how full you want your mustache to be. 

The Defining Cut

This cut may be the most important to really creating a killer mustache style that stands out from the rest. And the concept is for your mustache to stand out from your beard! 

For nearly all of us, our mustache will naturally blend into our beards making it hard to really distinguish where the mustache ends and the beard begins. By creating some separation between the two, it almost gives the appearance that your mustache is sitting on top of your beard. 

mustache trim

To accomplish this, simply pull the mustache hairs up and trim the hairs underneath down just a bit. It doesn't take much so make sure to start small. Before you trim, I always recommend to apply your mustache wax first so you know what is really included in your mustache, then trim what's underneath it. 

Trim the Ends

Once your mustache gets some nice length on it, you'll want to trim the ends back to make them even. Plus, your hairs all grow at slightly different lengths so the ends of your mustache will become thin or whispy over time.

Grab your scissors to trim the ends back to where the bulk of the hairs are. It usually doesn't take much at all. I've found that even trimming as little as 1/8" off the ends with a blunt (flat) cut it will make the ends look much fuller.

One piece of advice (from experience) is to avoid playing the game of ping pong back and forth taking a little off each side over and over trying to make it perfect. You could end up with a much shorter mustache than you want. 

Nobody is looking at your mustache as close you are so trim them back as close to even as you can and be done with it!

Drinking With a Mustache

If there is one thing that is annoying about having a big mustache it's without a doubt eating and drinking. It's nearly inevitable that you go in for a drink and whatever you're drinking sifts through your mustache, leaving behind a messy mustache. 

There are mustache dams that essentially sit on your cup to hold back the liquid, but honestly it's a pain in the butt to carry on you or remember to keep around. So what I've found is that if you pucker up and make a kissing face when you drink, it'll lift your mustache up a bit and keep it out of your drink.

It may sound a little funny, but when you bring the cup to your face it blocks your mouth which means nobody will see what you're doing (not that you should care), and more importantly it'll keep your mustache a whole lot cleaner!

 Final Thoughts

I truly hope you found these hacks helpful to you and your mustache, or perhaps even inspired you to grow one out! 

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