5 Tips To Tell Your Boss You’re Growing A Beard

Spencer Bryce |

In recent years (at least since the 70s) men have been all but forced to remain completely shaven in the workplace. Beards have been looked down upon for creating the impression of "dishonesty and untrustworthiness".

What a load of SHIT!

The very men that helped lay the foundation of this beautiful country were known to grow facial hair!

Fortunately many workplaces are beginning to change their ways for the better! With the rise of startups, freelancing, and ever more casual work environments, many industries are lifting these “beard policies” and allowing their employees to be true to them selves and express their individual personalities.

For those of you in more conservative fields, follow these tips to get the conversations started about that "beard policy".

1. Put yourself in their shoes

You and I both agree that having a beard does not make you a criminal..you are not a member of duck dynasty nor do you have poo in your beard. But it is important for you to realize and understand all the stereotypes that have been associated with beards so it is important to know why your boss might not want them in your workplace.

By understanding the reasons he or she might give you for a no beard policy before you have the conversation, you can know the proper answers to counter the false stereotypes that are floating out there. For example, keeping your beard groomed and clean will instantly eliminate any possibilities of comparing you to duck dynasty. Carry yourself as an ideal employee through hard work, then eventually that will outshine any “negativity” that having a beard might currently bring with.

2. Don't get defensive

Yes you love you beard. I do too. But not everybody does. So if you get engaged into a conversation with your superior, or anyone for that matter, be a man and keep your cool. Simply accept their opinion, for that is all it is, and listen to their side.

By being receptive to their viewpoint and having a respectful conversation, you are much more likely to have a chance to share your viewpoints with them. If you get upset by any negative comments about how they are unprofessional, acting out will only prove their point to be true.

Sparking this change in your workplace won’t happen overnight. It will take patience, just like the patience it took to grow that badass beard of yours so buckle down brother, it’s worth the wait.

3. Grooming is key

Although this might come as common sense to some, it is certainly not to all. If you’re walking around with a messy ass beard, no wonder your boss doesn’t want you in the office. We are men so act like one. Keep your beard clean and groomed.

Use a high quality beard oil daily to keep it nourished, shiny and healthy. Keep your beard comb on you at all times. This is why I personally keep one at my desk, just in case I forget to throw one in my pocket as I race out the door.

Keep it groomed as you grow and it’ll be hard for your boss to tell you to hack that majestic thing down. Heck, he’ll probably compliment you on it.

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4. Bearded boardrooms

With the rise of entrepreneurs, startups, and freelance work in the past decade, paired with the rise of popularity of beards, it’s no surprise the two have merged even at the highest level. More so than ever before, high ranking execs have grown facial hair and view them as signs of maturity, confidence, and strength.

Just ask CEOs like Oracle’s Larry Ellinson and Sergey Brim of that little company called Google. These are just the beginning. Fortunately for you, we will be seeing more and more of this as time progresses. This can be a very helpful reference for you when talking to your boss about his or her policy.

5. Be a Man

And what I mean by that is the characteristics in which you hold yourself to. Show up to work on time every day, kick ass, and live by the following:

Live Bearded

Hold yourself accountable to these characteristics and it will be hard for any person not to support you and the Man that you are...bearded or not.

If you have any questions regarding a specific situation at your workplace or are looking for any help at all, don't hesitate to comment below or reach us at support@livebearded.com or on Facebook. We are always here to help support you. If you found this article helpful, hit the SHARE button! You may help a fellow bearded brother keep his beard! Live bearded, brother!