Beard Talk With Victoria’s Secret Top Angels

Spencer Bryce |

Do Women Think Beards Are Sexy???

On any given day, 100 or so baby-faced “men” approach me and compliment my beard (Not to be cocky, it’s just my beard talking). And every one of these guys ask me if chicks actually like beards…

Do women think beards are sexy..? Is my beard awesome? Is baseball boring?

The answer to all of these questions is undoubtably YES. Now stop bugging me and grow your own beard so your girlfriend stops staring at me.

To put this question to rest, we interviewed the top Angels to get their viewpoint on beards and facial hair alike.

Here’s what they had to say:

Adriana Lima


Adriana Lima - As if you didn’t already know...

Proper words to describe Adriana. Beautiful, sexy, gorgeous? They all fall short..wayyyyy short. Regardless, she is smoking hot and a beard lover. Knowing she’s a beard lover, we asked her when she realized the power of the beard and what her preference is on beard length.

"Eu amo barbas! Eles realmente me ligue. Eu conheci o meu marido, que não é muito atraente ou um jogador de basquete muito bom. Mas eu caí no amor com a barba eo resto é história! Todo homem deve ter uma barba."

Well, I don’t speak Portuguese either….but it basically translates into:

"I love beards. My husband is one lucky bastard. Every man should have a beard!"

If that’s not enough to convince you..let’s ask Gisele (aka Miss Tom Brady… that bastard!)



Pick your jaw up off the floor…we’re just getting started. This Brazilian bombshell might be one of the sexiest women on the planet, and the highest paid supermodel as well. As if she couldn’t get any hotter, she is also a beard lover! We sat down and asked her if she preferred bearded or clean shaved and this is what she had to say:

“Hah! Is that really a question!? Women want the B...They LOVE the B. In fact, Tom has to sleep on the couch when he makes the mistake of shaving his off…No B, No V, that simple!"

Tom Brady


Shit…I’d cry too! Take some BEARD BOOST Tommy boy - That will get your beard back in no time!

Next up is the stunning Alessandra Ambrosio - With a name like that she has to be beautiful, right?

Alessandra Ambrosio


YES...Yes, she is…Alessandra is a stunner...and unfortunately taken. Do you know who Jamie Mazur is? Neither do we. At least he’s a bearded brother and is known to rock the beard regularly (a small puny little thing but at least it’s something so we can’t knock him..too much).

We asked her about beards and she is a clear supporter:

“I am around beautiful, feminine women every day with soft and smooth skin. When I think of a lover, I need a MAN, not a boy. I’ve found that men with beards are more masculine, better in bed, and definitely my preference. I’ll never go back."

We clearly could be done interviewing at this point, but nobody likes a quitter…There is a clear pattern going on here. Its obvious these insanely beautiful women LOVE beards. It is my duty to really make sure we are 100% certain, so I asked a couple more their thoughts on beards...

Lily Aldridge


Meet Lily Aldridge...

Lily is no stranger to beards. Having been fond of them as long as she could remember...

“Growing up I was always fond of men with beards. I asked my mother why I was so drawn to them and she explained: “Date a man with a beard as he will break your headboard, not your heart.” This was the best advice I’ve ever received and I’ve lived by it to this day."

This led her to meet her now husband and musician, Caleb Followill. It wasn’t until after he grew his beard that he gained his musical talents and joined the band Kings Of Leon. We have to give the guy (and his beard) props on this one.

Last (for now) and certainly not least….The irresistible Isabel Goulart



Eyes down here fellas. We sat down with Iza and wanted to ask her a series of questions:

Some women claim they don’t like when a man’s beard is so long his mustache covers his lips. I personally think this is a ridiculous statement but what is your opinion on this?

“Furry lips make happy nips” she blurted without hesitation.

Ok then, as I stumbled to collect my thoughts….Do you have a preference on size?

“Of course, size matters…the bigger the beard, the better!"

We went on for hours and things got a little intense. I’m not sure it’s appropriate for this post so I’ll save those for another day…

Bottom line: It’s clear to see sexy women love beards. Period. Grow a beard and your chances of bagging an Angel will increase 1000%. Guaranteed.