Beards Behind The Brand: Michael "Maverick" Chiesa

Anthony Mink |

Today we are really excited to share the latest edition of Beards Behind The Brand where step into the octagon with Michael "Maverick" Chiesa to talk about life as a pro fighter, his pursuit of winning a championship and how hard work and determination are the key to winning in and out of the octagon. 

The Back Story

A couple of months ago, I was on Instagram randomly scrolling through our messages when I saw a new message from @Rubyse. At first glance, I had no idea who it was but their profile image caught my eye so I opened up the message up to see what they had to say. The message said;

"Hey, my name is Josh from Ruby Sports. We represent over 100 combat sports athletes and one of our clients is interested in your product and I'd love to connect and talk about how we can work together. His name is Michael Chiesa and he's currently ranked #6 in the world. Check out Michael's Instagram and let me know what you think." 

Candidly, I've never been a big UFC guy myself. I've just never really got into the sport and I've always been a bit turned off by some of the over the top antics and showboating by some of the fighters. Now, don't get me wrong, I one-hundred-percent respect the sport and the athletes who work their ass off to compete on the biggest stage. 

That said, the message definitely peaked my curiosity. I clicked through to Mike's profile and did some googling around was really impressed. Not only is Mike the #6 welterweight fighter in the world, but he's an ESPN analyst, fight-night commentator and an all around damn good dude. Check out this behind the scenes video for UFC 232 for more about him and his story. 

After hearing Michael's story and listening to him talk about his childhood dream crashing into his worst nightmare, I knew he was the real deal. His fighting spirit and the story he shared about his dad brought tears to my eyes, especially after loosing my father in 2020 and I knew we had to work together. 

After a few calls with Ruby Sports and coordinating schedules, Jones, Nate and I flew up to Vegas to spend a day with Mike to shoot some content while he prepped for an ESPN fight night show and trains for his next fight coming up August 7th. 

We spent the day talking about sports, striving for your dreams, and working your ass off is the secret sauce to make it all possible. We had an awesome time and are really excited to partner with Michael and cheer him on as he works towards his goal of being the welterweight world champion! #LFG

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