Choose Your Challenges

Nathan Daggett |

The hard truth of life is it will not be easy. Sure there are times things will be easier than others, but challenging situations will always arise.

Often times the biggest problem people have in life is thinking they shouldn't have them, but there is a silver lining here. You get to choose your challenges.

Now I know when you read that you find yourself saying " Well if i get to choose, then I choose no challenges."

Unfortunately, that's not how life works. Let me break it down for ya a bit more.

You can choose to have the challenges of difficulties hitting you out of nowhere, and use them as excuses as why you continue to struggle, or you can choose the challenge of getting up every day and putting in the work to prepare, to push through adversities and learn from your failures. You can choose to gain the new skills, put in the extra work, and do the planning required to build a better life for you and your loved ones.

You can get up every day and face the challenges of your back hurting from being out of shape, and your clothes not fitting right, and your self esteem being low because when you look in the mirror, you are not proud of what you see.

Or you can choose the challenge of getting up every day to workout, of eating something healthier than that plate of nachos you are craving.

So there it is, you have the choice of challenges, either live a hard life, or use the hard things in life to create a great one.

We absolute know you can do this, and we are here to support you in any way we can. If there is ever anything we can do to support you please do not hesitate to reach out.

Live Bold. Live Brave. Live Bearded.