Halloween Beard Massacre

Spencer Bryce |

 It was a cool, quiet night, as Woody sat down to enjoy the game and unwind from his hectic day. Just as he starts to sink in the chair a little more and enjoy his beer, he hears a noise...

Woody shrugs it off as he usually does until a loud BANG startles him. His heart starts to race a bit and his senses heightened as he knows he is home alone, or so he thought. Creeping down the hallway, his mind racing, he wonders what could be making all the noise...

There are only 2 things in this world that terrify Woody, running out of beer, and losing his beard. There is no way he is out of beer already, and his beard isn't going anywhere!

Still a bit shaken, he opens the front door cautiously. As it creaks open slowly, a since of calm comes over Woody. He steps onto the porch and laughs at himself, letting all fear subside. Woody lets out a deep sigh of relief. He turns to go back to his beer and the game and then....NOOOOOOO!

"Bzzzzzzz".....the worst sound in the world!!!

If there is one thing nearly every beard fears, it's the sound of clippers and the fear of losing his pride and joy to a bad trim, be it from himself or a professional. I've even personally had nightmares of losing my beard only to wake up in a panic reaching frantically for my face to make sure it was still there!

So we though it'd be fun to shoot a little over dramatization clip of what we feel when it comes to losing our beards! We know trimming can be difficult, so if you need some help check out these articles to learn how to trim your beard and how to fade your beard

If there is anything else we can do to help, don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

Live Bearded, brothers!