Happy Fathers Day

Anthony Mink |

From all of us here at Live Bearded, we want to wish the dads out there a Happy Fathers day! 🙏💪🏽

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My father was a peace of crap that just left me when I was 12 and went to live in Mexico so my mom would not have to pay child support.

My Dad was awesome! We got to know each other when I was 13 when my mom remarried.
He taught me how to be a man. How to work like a man. How to treat a lady with respect.
He taught me how to be a man in every situation yet respectfully.
I lost my dad a year ago yet I am so Grateful for the time I had with my Dad.

  • Trent Reed

I don’t consider my earlier self to have been the greatest father, I worked a lot and once home secluded myself in my “man cave”. After separating from my wife, I’ve moved into a condo that my children know as “Pruitt Place”. My teenager lives there with me, and the adults have keys. This way there’s no need for permission. They can, and have, just show up as “Pruitt Place” is for them, I’m just the caretaker. I keep it stocked with all that I think they might need, extra food & drink, extra towels, and even extra bedding. I so desperately want to make up to them the years of absenteeism. Sunday was a great day for me! Not because of presents, but they ALL were there hanging out with dad. Needless to say, I got emotional,

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the brothers!!!

  • Robert Pruitt

Fatherhood AND GRANDfatherhood mean everything. I had a phenomenal role model Dad and Grampa, and I strive every day to make them proud by being the best Dad and Grampa I can be. Thanks guys. Power On…LIVE BEARDED!!

  • Ronald Riggs

Brothers, being a Father to me is the ultimate! You have kiddos-you’d better SHOW UP! All day-everyday! That may not mean being there with them 100% of the time, that might meet you travel to work to provide the best or only way you know how. That’s my world, that’s what we live. Even through divorce and travel, I’m still there 100% for my children-and damn did they make their daddy feel that today! Thank you, Live Bearded for holding me accountable! Much love to you all!! Thank you, and Happy Father’s Day-Brothers!!

  • Johnny Carmack

My one boy just called from Africa for fathers day, my other boy made steak, crab, and lobster, my daughter called having just gotten back from a camping trip. Then at 70 years old I have 10 grandchildren that I can have a positive influence on. The only reason I am writing is I feel a connection with you guys so a happy and blessed fathers day to you all. Love your products

  • Ron

This makes being a father all worth it.


  • Jamie Horton

Had a great father. We did not always agree but he always loved and supported me. I tried to do that with my kids and now I’m trying to do this for my first grandson. Peace

  • Scott

Happy Father’s Day brothers!
Father’s day is a reminder to live better and raise my girls well. Today I got a card from my youngest daughter that said “#1 Wonderful Bearded Dad!”

  • Jonathan Lemaster

Thanks fellas, love your products!

  • JD Haas

With or without beards (did I say that) but seriously thank you for taking the time to celebrate with us.

Robert Tuller
1 year bearded

  • Robert Tuller

Happy Father’s Day brother’s!
That was a great message y’all sent! Thanks for taking the time to create and share a little bit of your lives!
My father died 2 days before my first birthday, so I never had any kind of role model or father figure! Mom and 3 older sisters helped me become the best person I can be every day!
God blessed with with 2 wonderful boys that let me experience kinda what I missed seeing the joy, ups and downs through their lives! They are 18 and 20 and we have such a great close relationship! Life is great!

  • Bill Reynolds

Happy Father’s Day to all those great dads out there.

  • Dave Brine

Happy Father’s Day to all the bearded dads out there! God bless you all.

  • David Corcio

Fathers Day reminds me how Blessed I am. God is good!

  • Chad

Thank you!! And happy Father’s Day to everyone at live bearded that’s a dad.

  • Brian Parks

Happy Fathers Day Brothers


Father’s day to me reminds me to continue to strive to the best example for my girls to follow, passing my wisdom from the lessons I’ve learned from all the mistakes I’ve made to them.

  • Curtis Mills

Happy Father’s Day to all!

  • Marco Brown

Happy Father’s day to all of you. My dad is gone and I miss him so much. I try to be the best dad I can to my children. They mean the world to me just as I did to my Father.

  • Cliff Gooden

Thanks, and Happy Father’s day to all of you. You have a great business and I look forward to purchasing more from you and to see some GREAT New stuff in the future.

  • Scott A Jennejohn

Thank you for that great video, which reminds us how important it is to be that good role model a Father must be to their sons and daughters. Like one of you guys said “give them great experiences, not just live with them…”
To all the Fathers out there… HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!

  • Sebastian Rodriguez-Villamil

Happy fathers day to all the great ones in our LB community out there!

  • Hasan Kareem

Happy Fathers Day

  • Johnathan Lamm

Thank you brother and Happy Father’s day to you too

  • Brandon Stites

Father’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s just about being with my son nothing else matters on this day !

  • Donald Baker