Happy Father's Day From Live Bearded

Nathan Daggett |

We just wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy Father's Day and to thank you for everything you do. We know that being a father is one of the toughest, least appreciated, and yet most fulfilling jobs that you can have.

We recognize the hard work and dedication you put in every day to raise the next generation, and to help them navigate and survive in a rapidly changing world.

In a world where quick results, individualism and instant gratification are praised, you as a father focus on the important things that last and matter - your family values.

You teach the next generation about love, community and the importance of hard work. Not only does this help create an empowered generation, but it also strengthens our global community.

On behalf of all of us here at Live Bearded, we thank you this Father's Day. Thank you for all your sacrifices, your love and your dedication. Keep being the man you are, and we know you will continue to raise a generation of strong and exceptional individuals.

Happy Father's Day brother!