How I Style My Beard | Spencer Bryce

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Whether we want to admit it or not, having an awesome beard takes a little work. And getting the right beard style really just comes down to knowing the look you want, and using proper beard products.

Now me personally, I'm not a fan of over complicating things. I don't want to take a lot of time to get ready, and I don't want my beard routine to require a blow dryer or anything I won't have access to anywhere I might be. 

So my beard routine or process I go through to style my beard is a pretty simple 3 step process (with a little added attention to the handlebar mustache). 

Beard Wash

Whether I shower or wash in the sink, to really get my beard to cooperate I hit it with a little beard wash first. The wash will strip away any dirt or grime, without stripping away the necessary oils. This will also help "reset" the hairs so they don't lay down or stick out all crazy from your pillow.

Beard Wash

Lather it up like you would the hair on your head, and if you're using our all natural beard wash you can use it on your head and face as well. Rinse it all out and towel dry until about 90% of the water is gone. 

Beard Oil

Now I've mentioned this before but it's worth stating again...Beard Oil is NOT designed for your beard. It's actually for the skin under your beard. 

The whole "beard itch" thing is simply because your skin is dry. Your body produces a natural oil (sebum oil), and without a beard your body can keep up. With the glory of a beard however, your body can't produce enough sebum oil to keep your beard and skin moisturized. Your body recognizes how important beard health is so it pulls the oils away from your skin and into your beard, leaving your skin dry. Hence the beard itch part. 

beard oil

Simply dab out 5 or so drops of beard oil into your hands and rub them together. Follow up by massaging the beard oil into the skin under the beard. If you are experiencing any beard itch or irritation, make sure to put extra oil in that area and it'll quickly go away. 

Beard Butter

After I apply my beard oil, I'll follow up with some Beard Butter. Scoop some out with your finger and rub it into the palms of your hands. By rubbing your hands together, you'll melt the product down so you can apply it evenly to your beard. 

What's so great about Beard Butter is that it is a deep conditioner which will help prevent slow growth, split ends and breakage. What's even better is the amount of hold it gives your beard. It is a shea butter base formula with just the right amount of hold. It will allow you to style your beard and keep it shaped, without leaving it too tacky or hard. I would put it against any beard balm on the market, and bet it gives you both better conditioning, and better style. 

Mustache Wax

Now for me, the finishing touches come with the handlebar mustache. For that you need a good mustache wax. I throw a little on from the middle out, and twist the ends to give my handlebar mustache a nice shape. 

This is the one product I definitely keep on me at all times. I throw it in my pocket and make sure it's nearby because there is nothing worse than having a big mustache and no mustache wax

Mustache Wax

Beard Comb

Now it kind of goes without saying, but you can't put a hat on your face, so you need to comb and/or brush it into place. I personally find that our Beard Comb does a great job on my beard at it's current length. If your beard is a bit more unruly, I'd suggest picking up a Boar Hair Brush to really move the hairs into place.

beard comb

Final Thoughts

Here at Live Bearded we believe in keeping things simple, and your beard grooming routine shouldn't be any different. Keep it clean, and keep your skin and beard moisturized. Not only will your beard look, feel, and smell better, but it'll grow better too. 

Taking a couple of minutes a day will make all the difference, so keep your beard clean ya filthy animals!

Our mission is to help beardsmen like you look, feel and be your best. So if there is anything we can do to support you please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We have a LIFETIME warranty and 365 day money back guarantee, so I'd encourage you to give us a shot if you haven't already. We won't let you down!

Until next time, 

Live Bearded!