Inky Johnson "Inkspirations"

Anthony Mink |

The story of Inky Johnson starts at 8:07 and it should auto-start there but if it doesn't fast forward to it. 

I wanted to share this video with you today because I can honestly say, it is one of the MOST remarkable stories I've ever heard. I stumbled across the video while working out and I was literally in tears at the gym.

Not tears of sadness, but tears of awe, tears of inspiration, tears of raw emotion because this story and Inky's passion, conviction, and faith spoke to the deepest parts of my heart and soul as a man. It's men like this, and stories like these that are told to remind us who we are. Thanks Inky for reminding all of us what we are capable of when we work together for a higher cause. 

Process > Product

We > Me

"Your expectations should never exceed your effort." 

"You can't wish for it more than you're willing to work for it."