Introducing UTILITY SPRAY: An All-Natural Functional Cologne

Spencer Bryce |

We are very excited to announce the all-new, all-natural, all-purpose...


What is utility spray? It's a functional cologne offered in all your favorite fragrances. 

That’s right, we bottled up all of our signature scents into a functional cologne you can use on your body, clothes, gym bag, funky shoes, car or truck, or pretty much any area you need to freshen up.

So now you can take your signature scent with you and enjoy it everywhere you go!


We’ve been battle-testing this product for over a year and this stuff is phenomenal.

I used to be a cologne guy, but my colognes were replaced with my beard products because, well the beard products smell better than my cologne, and more importantly I didn’t want the scents to conflict creating a less than desirable combination.

While some times beard products are more than enough fragrance to wear, some moments you need a little extra smell good.

Like date night when you’re looking for that little extra to really set the mood, or after a workout or hike when you need to mask the sweat stench from all the ass you just kicked.

Or just throughout the day when you probably could use a shower but don’t have time…

Spray this on you a few times and nobody will know the difference. How great is that?

So what’s in this bottle?

Over 600 sprays of quality all-natural fragrance.

We wanted to re-imagine cologne. Most colognes are $50, $100, $200 or more….

And honestly, a lot of what they’re charging you for is the fancy packaging. When to us, what matters most is the quality of the fragrance inside, not the bottle it comes in.

You’re a man, not a knick-knack collector.

Our goal was to make a cologne of the highest quality while being functional and affordable.

And we accomplished just that.

We packaged Utility Spray in a shatterproof 3.4 oz you don’t have to worry about glass breaking in your gym bag or truck, or having it snatched through airport security.

Plus, we’re giving you more than twice the cologne at half the price of our competitors.

Now, as you guys know, here at Live Bearded, quality matters. So we ensured Utility Spray is offered in the same fragrances you love, with nothing but the best all-natural ingredients

You see, many aerosol sprays and synthetic fragrances contain highly toxic chemicals that can be hazardous for adults, children, and pets.

Being clean and smelling great should never mean using toxic substances that may cause harm.

Brands use them because they're cheap and can last longer, but research shows inhaling these can be harmful for your health.

Skip the headache-inducing synthetic crap fragrances, and give your body the all-natural quality it deserves.

Utility Spray is available now!

If you have any questions, hit us up at and as always, Live Bearded, Brother.