My Beard With and Without Beard Products

Spencer Bryce |

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've probably been exposed to beard products in some form at this point. Be it an advertisement while you're scrolling the internet or the grooming section at your local store, there are endless options of beard products at your fingertips.

Whether you're on the fence about using beard products, or maybe you've tried a few and unsure what's best for you, I'm going to cover what we recommend and why.

What do beard products do?

Beard products exist for many reasons, and unless you want your beard to look like you crawled out of a cave, you really should invest in some high quality, natural beard products.

At a high level, beard products exist to improve the way your beard looks, feels, smells, and grows. It's really simply an evolution of proper hygiene. They will make your beard look significantly better, smell fantastic, and catch attention from others (in a good way).

With all the options out there, we know choosing which beard products to try can be a little overwhelming, so we want to make this really simple for you.

Recommended Beard Grooming Routine

Wash Your Beard

A good beard really starts at the foundation (your skin). The skin on your face is different than the skin on your scalp, and the rest of your body, so you want to use a wash designed for your face and beard specifically.

Most guys make the mistake of using a traditional shampoo or bar soap, and the unfortunate truth is these formulas are much too harsh for your face. They will dry out your beard and face, which can lead to itch and irritation of the skin, and stunted beard growth.

As you'll learn, hydration is essential for beard hair and skin health which is why using an all-natural beard wash will give you a gentle lather and cleanse, without leaving your face dry. 

As far as how often you should be washing your beard, it depends. No different than how often you shower or wash your head hair, it depends on how dirty you get. Our beard wash is natural and safe to use daily, so if you work outside, workout regularly, or just get dirty, it's safe to say you should wash daily. If you work indoors and don't make a mess of yourself, you can go a couple of days between washes.

Hydrate Your Skin

There are many factors to having a healthy beard, but one of the main drivers is the hydration of your skin as I mentioned above. If your skin is dry, your beard is growing in a less than ideal environment.

Your body produces oil naturally called sebum oil, but as you grow a beard there isn't enough natural oil to keep your skin moisturized. The result is dry, itchy, irritated skin, or "beard itch". This actually causes a lot of guys to shave.

Beard oil exists to hydrate your skin, to eliminate any itch and irritation, and help your beard grow better. Our beard oil specifically is an all-natural formula (as are all of our beard products), and closely mimics your natural sebum oil which means it absorbs into your skin nicely rather than sitting on top of your beard making a mess of your phone, and everything else. 

Applying beard oil only takes a few seconds really, and should be done daily. This will give your skin the moisture you need, promote healthy beard growth, and leave you smelling great.

Condition Your Beard

The biggest noticeable difference between someone who takes care of their beard, and someone who doesn't, is the way it looks. If you look like you just rolled out of bed and your beard is spraying all over the place, that might not bring the attention you want to yourself.

In our opinion, styling your beard and controlling your beard hairs is absolutely necessary, and it doesn't need to be complicated. Just like you could style and comb your head hair, you want to style and comb your beard.

Beard Butter is a deep conditioning product that also offers a light to medium hold. The beard butter will soften your beard hairs and make them more manageable. With the hold, it'll allow you to control the shape of your beard, tackle waves and curls, and keep it looking great all day long. If I were to be stuck on an island with one grooming product, beard butter would be it. It's a must-have for every beard.

Style Your Mustache

Although a handlebar mustache isn't for everyone (I guess), for those who want to rock it will need mustache wax with them at all times. Apply a little to your mustache to shape and style it, and keep food and drinks out of it (for the most part). 

Final Thoughts

Beard grooming doesn't have to be hard, nor does it take a lot of time! A few minutes of your time, and the right beard products, your beard will look better than ever. 

All of our beard products are 100% natural, made right here in America, and backed by our LIFETIME warranty and money-back guarantee. We have six irresistible fragrances I know you're going to love, so give us a shot and upgrade your beard game. 

If you have any questions, contact us anytime, we are here to support you however we can. 

And as always, 

Live Bearded, Brother!