New & Improved Beard Product Line

Spencer Bryce |

It's hard to put into words just how incredibly excited we are to finally show you the new & improved Live Bearded product line!  Just over 14 months ago we sat down as a team and decided it was time to go back to the drawing board, reinvent ourselves, and take everything we do to an even higher level.

We started Live Bearded working from the living room in January 2016, and to be brutally honest, we had no idea how to formulate products or design packaging.  We'd never done anything like this before and had no idea where to start.

With the help of some great partners, we dove in headfirst and worked tirelessly to create the line of all-natural beard grooming products you've used and grown to love over the last 4 years. 

Since then we've had the pleasure of serving and supporting hundreds of thousands of Beardsmen and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Yet, as time passed, we knew we could #DoBetter.

Here at Live Bearded, our Do Better mantra isn't just some cute saying we put on shirts, we truly strive to improve everything we do. With all of your feedback, themes started to emerge.

Themes that told us it was time to take everything we do to the next level. So, we began the process of rebuilding Live Bearded from the ground up!

We truly loved working with our manufacturing partners, but as we have grown, we've run into some quality and consistency issues that we knew we needed to address...

So we searched far and wide and found a world-class manufacturing partner with 45+ years experience in our own back yard, just down the road from our office!  Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

Together, we put all of our combined knowledge, and most importantly, your feedback to work so we could improve every aspect of our beard products.

From new and improved packaging and labels to new formulas with higher quality, better-smelling fragrances!

We kept everything you love about our products and upgraded everything you didn't, and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Introducing, Bold New Packaging

Our original packaging was functional and got the job done, but let's be honest, it's really basic and boring! This time around, armed with 4 years of experience and feedback from you, we knew we could improve every aspect of our packaging.

So, we set out to create a look that truly represents who we are! We wanted to create a bold, classic American label design that told the story of Live Bearded and showcased our passion for our country and the great outdoors.

We found a world-class designer that was up for the job, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy. It took several designers and what seemed like thousands of revisions to get to the final version you see here.

We scrapped the white labels and opted for a bold, masculine matte black design, and had one of a kind hand-drawn art created for every product.

In addition to a dramatic improvement in the overall design of our labels, we wanted to significantly improve the look, functionality, and quality of our packaging as well.

We talked to several packaging manufacturers and ended up connecting with a customer and fellow beardsman who helped us create our new custom-designed packaging from the ground up! Thanks, Sam!

From twist tight, no leak tops with better seals, to high-quality fully custom amber bottles with matte black tops, we can confidently say you are going to love every aspect of the new packaging.

Beard Oil Improvements

Beard Oil

As we said, we really wanted to put the 4 years of your feedback to work so we could keep the aspects of each product you loved, and upgrade the parts you didn't.

When it came to our beard oil, the only negative comments we received was not about the oil itself, but about the aluminum cap. Man did this thing suck! 

It was easily dented and if tightened too much it wouldn't fully seal, resulting in beard oil leaking everywhere. That was a series design flaw on our part.

If you've ever experienced this, you know what a nightmare it is. Sorry guys!

So, clearly, it had to go. The old cap was upgraded to a twist tight, fully sealed matte black cap. Not only does this look better, but it seals up perfectly to keep your oil from leaking in transit or while traveling!

We couldn't stop there though. We read through thousands of reviews and realized making changes to our beard oil formula was going to be really, really hard because the feedback has been insanely positive!

But as you know, we wanted to #DoBetter.

Our old beard oil was designed to hydrate and repair the skin underneath your beard and by all accounts, it does an amazing job! We have always believed beard oil is not for your beard, so we designed a lightweight oil that is meant to be applied directly to your skin, underneath your beard.

With 3 simple ingredients (argan, jojoba, and grape seed oil), our beard oil easily absorbs into your skin eliminating beard itch and dry irritated skin. We wanted to stay true to our original formula and keep our ingredients the same, but there was room to improve, so we did.

We dramatically improved our beard oil by sourcing much higher quality oils and modifying the formula. This resulted in a silky smooth, lightweight, better version of the beard oil you love.

Better hydration, better absorption, smoother application, and no more leaks!

We cannot wait to share this new and improved beard oil with you!

Beard Butter Improvements

We are excited to say, your favorite beard butter just got better! Our new butter is sooooo good, we can't wait for you to try it!

I know that may sound like an exaggeration, but trust us, it's not!  We have literally improved every aspect of our best-selling beard butter and you are going to be glad we did!

From day one, our beard butter was truly original and put us on the map. With a unique combination of ingredients, our butter is a deep conditioner that also has a light-to-medium hold.

When you use our butter, your beard is softer, healthier, and styled to perfection!  As we read through thousands of butter reviews, the themes were easy to see...

Everyone loved the way their beard looked and felt using our beard butter, but there were some serious flaws we needed to address.

First and foremost, we saw countless messages about our butter showing up rock-solid in the cold winter months and melted in the hot summer months.

We also saw tons of feedback about the inconsistency of the beard butter and the strong shea smell it had. Some fragrances where smooth, others were gritty and all of them had an overpowering shea smell.

The core ingredient in this formula is shea butter and as we went through the formulation process with our new manufacturer, we learned the inconsistencies of our butter was due to the type of unrefined shea butter we were using.

This sent us down a rabbit hole of epic proportions! We spent 9 months sampling dozens of different types of shea butter and testing countless formulations in an attempt to create the perfect hold, consistency, and smell.

After something like 72 different samples and tons of brain damage, we finally found the perfect combination of ingredients! With a new and improved formula using higher-quality shea butter as the base, this new butter is better in every way.

beard butter improvements

The consistency is perfect! It has a silky smooth texture that is consistent across all fragrances while still offering the deep condition and perfect hold you love. And, it doesn't melt!

We knew this was a big pain point in the summer months so we made sure to toss the new formula it in a mailbox that was pre-heated to 120 degrees. Gotta love living in Phoenix, AZ. 😂🤣

We let it bake for a solid 90 minutes and when we pulled it out, it was definitely softer, but did not liquify like our original butter!  Then we had the bright idea to toss it in the freezer and accidentally forgot about it for like 3 days. 🤦‍♂️

It was rock solid when we pulled it out... but what do you expect? Who's gonna leave there product outside in polar temps for 3 days anyways? That's just dis-re-spect-ful! 

Next, we had to address the overpowering shea butter smell the original formula had.  Thankfully, for our sanity, the higher-quality shea butter we are now using as our base is more refined than the original version and has ZERO fragrance!

Now when you crack open your favorite butter, all you smell is perfection. That's what we call a WIN-WIN!

Next up, we wanted to address the big, bulky, ugly packaging. Our original butter came in a 4oz double-walled jar that was huge and over the years, we've received thousands of requests for a smaller, travel-friendly sized butter.

This led to us sizing our packaging down to a sleeker, single-walled 3oz jar. It's a tad bit smaller, easier to carry, and meets the TSA travel requirements so you can take it in your carry on.

Now, we know what you are thinking... "If you're going from a 4oz to a 3oz jar, is the price going to decrease?"

It's a fair question, and the answer is, no. The price of our butter will stay at $19.99. The reason we aren't able to offer a price break on a 3oz butter is simple, the higher quality ingredients significantly increased our formula costs.

Higher-quality products = slightly higher costs.

Trust us when we say, this was a concern of ours. As a team, we've had several conversions about the price and ultimately we want to provide you the absolute best products and service possible.

We feel very, very confident the improvement in the product FAR outweighs the per ounce price increase.

You're going to be so blown away with this beard butter that you'll be asking us why we didn't do this sooner!

Beard Wash Improvements

beard wash

When it came down to improving our beard wash, based on your feedback, there was really one main area of focus. The viscosity, or how runny the old wash needed to be improved. 

Our beard wash is a 100% natural water-based formula, and with that comes a much thinner consistency than those nasty chemically engineered soaps, body washes, and shampoos.

But if we're being honest, some of our old beard wash was on the really thin side sometimes, and each batch seemed to be a little different. It still lathered great and cleaned your beard without drying your face and beard out, but we really wanted to improve on the entire experience.

So we went back to the drawing board, met with a team of formulators, and got to work rebuilding our beard wash with a thicker consistency and improved lather.

We stuck with an all-natural formula, of course, but modified it to work better with our natural fragrances!

After a dozen or so iterations, we finally found that bubbly bliss we were looking for and we are happy to report, it lathers better, smells fantastic, and doesn't strip away your natural oils.

We, of course, upgraded the bottles to match the rest of the lineup, with a custom amber bottle and matte black cap!

WOOO!!! Them bottles are sexyyyy!

With the manufacturing switch, we dramatically improved our quality assurance measures which guarantee your products are the same quality and consistency every time beard mail shows up on your front door!

As you can see, we've truly rebuilt everything from the ground up!

From all-new packaging to improved formulas with high-quality ingredients, everything we do just got upgraded!

The only thing left for us to do is package up your favorite fragrance and send you some beard mail!

This project has truly been a labor of love! We spent 14+ months working around the clock obsessing over every detail, reading every review, and using your feedback to help us improve every step of the way. 

We are so incredibly proud of what we have been able to create together and we cannot wait to share it with you. 

Since day one, many of you you have been with us every step of the way and we are incredibly grateful for you, and all of your support.

From all of us at Live Bearded, Thank You for joining us on this journey we call "life."

We are truly here to support you any way we can!

Live Bearded, Brother!