Introducing Tombstone

Anthony Mink |

Today we are officially changing the name of Gunslinger to Tombstone, and before you get any crazy ideas, absolutely NOTHING else has changed! 

Everything else about this incredible sweet tobacco and cedar fragrance is exactly the same. It's still the exact same fragrance you know and love!

You may be wondering, why the change


It's a great question and we personally love the name Gunslinger and did not want to change it. The name change has NOTHING to do with the word "gun" and the ONLY reason we are changing it is due to trademark issues. 

At the beginning of the year, we received a notice showing us there was a trademark registered for "Gunslinger Soap" and although they are not selling beard products, our Gunslinger product line was infringing on their trademark because we sell beard wash and bar soap.

Anthony jumped on the phone with the trademark holder and came to an agreement to change the name of the product line to respect and honor the legal rights of the trademark holder.

Therefore, Gunslinger is officially Tombstone! Again, this has nothing to do with removing the word gun from the name, this was strictly a legal decision we had to make.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We truly appreciate your feedback! 

Talk soon, 

Live Brave. Live Bold. Live Bearded.

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I just rcv’d your sample pack and 1st one I tried was gunslinger, because I like the name as it reminds me of Stephen King’s magnum opus. I love the cent and I wish you would have kept the name, but Tombstone is not bad, considering I live in AZ. Iwill be trying the other samples, but so far Tombstone is on my list.

  • CZachary Hilgers

I emailed to get notification when Sundaze was ready I must’ve missed my notification I’m looking to just get beard butter if you have a beard butter left over let me know

  • RickeyGarnett

How about when you come out with a new product you name it “2 Amendment?”

  • Derek Robertson

Thanks for explaining this. Glad you didn’t go woke! Hopefully the town of Tombstone, AZ doesn’t hit you with a cease and desist order too!

  • Michael Rennie

A great product no matter what name it is!

  • Bill

This is a test comment to see if comments works :-)

  • Anthony