Push Through the Quit

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Ben York |

Most people will find an excuse...

Most people will give up at the first sign of trouble...

Most people will avoid any type of adversity...

But you're not most people

You have the strength to keep going. To find a way to succeed. 

To push through the quit. 

Brothers, this year has tested many of us like never before. At times, it can seem like the walls are closing in and moving forward with any amount of hope is futile. 

But I'd encourage you to take a look at Nathan's video above before you make that judgment call. 

Nathan recorded this clip in late July on a scorching hot Phoenix morning. Now, for those of you not familiar with Arizona summers, on August 11 the National Weather Service said 2020 marked Phoenix's hottest summer on record.


Phoenix has maintained a high average temperature of 107.9, an average temperature of 90 and minimum average of 84.2.

Needless to say, it would've been easy for Nathan to take it easy and not push past his comfort zone. 

But he chose not to quit. 

And he's a better man for it.