Quarantine Beard Challenge #StayHomeGrowOut

Spencer Bryce |

#StayHomeGrowOut Featured on Inside Edition

We are challenging everybody out there to get involved in the Stay Home Grow Out challenge, to raise awareness and money for those most impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Challenge:

  1. Commit to growing your beard as long as you are "at home". Whether you are starting a new beard or growing your beard longer, LET IT GROW!
  2. If you shave or trim your beard at all, donate something to help those in need. Even if it's $1!
  3. Document your Quarantine Beard with pictures and post on your social media channels to encourage others to join to raise awareness. Challenge three friends and use hashtag #StayHomeGrowOut.

 DONATE to The Coronavirus Relief Fund


With social distancing orders in place nationwide a lot of people are starting to grow out their quarantine beards. I’m sure a lot of you have seen videos from Will Smith and Jim Carrey who are both a part of the grow-out movement.

With the extra time at home, there has never been a better time to grow out your beard.

We wanted to use this opportunity to put together this challenge to really help raise awareness, and help raise funds for The Coronavirus Relief fund. 

So here is how it works: Put down your razor! That’s it. No shaving, no trimming until the pandemic is over. Now here’s the deal, if you pick the razor back up to shave or trim before the end you have to send a donation to The Coronavirus Relief Fund. We also encourage you to donate along the way if you can as well, even $1 makes a difference.

We encourage you to take a picture daily to document your growth! Have some fun with this. Challenge all your beardless friends to join the #StayHomeGrowOut challenge so we can all grow out together.   

If you already have a beard it is time to let that beast grow even bigger.

Post updates on social media using the hashtag #StayHomeGrowOut and join us in helping spread awareness and raise funds for the coronavirus relief fund. 

Did you have to shave due to COVID-19?

We know that a lot of our brothers on the front lines of this virus had to shave for safety. First of all, THANK YOU.  We are so grateful for everyone on the front lines combatting this virus and doing their part to keep our country running.

As a token of our gratitude, when this all ends we want to sponsor your beards regrowth. So if that is you, reach out to us and we will be happy to get you taken care of. We'll make sure your beard comes back better than ever!

Here is the original video in case you want to check it out as well.

Final Thoughts

We all know this issue is serious, and the best way we get through this is together. So do what you can to support small businesses that are still open, check-in with the people in your community and see if there is anything you can do to support them. Most importantly STAY HOME, and since you can’t go out you might as well GROW OUT!

Live Bearded!