Remember Everyone Deployed

Nathan Daggett |

Rather than doing a traditional First Friday shirt this month, we wanted to hold off an extra week and do something special for Veteran's Day.

So we decided to make our own R.E.D. shirt! For those not familiar with R.E.D. it stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. The concept is very simple, on Friday's we wear red, until they all come home!

Obviously freedom, America, and our troops are things we hold very dear, so getting to make this shirt was an amazing experience for us. This shirt can serve as a simple reminder of the thousands of US troops who are serving overseas as we speak, those who signed a blank check for up to and including their life.

So rock this shirt  every Friday to keep them in your thoughts, and close to your heart, until they all come home.

Thoughts are great, but actions are even better! (actions>words) That is why for every RED shirt sold we will be donating a bar of our best-selling, all-natural bar soap to a deployed soldier overseas!

These shirts are sure to go quickly, so be sure to grab yours Veteran's Day,  Nov 11, 2022 and help us support a great cause!