SEVEN: The Story Behind The Fragrance

Spencer Bryce |

Inspired from the heart of ancient Japan, the newest Live Bearded limited edition fragrance is here.


A remarkable scent inspired by the legendary Bushido principles of Japan's 12th-century samurai.

We chose the Bushido principles for this seasonal as they so closely align with our values here at Live Bearded.

The essence of honor, valor, and courage is embodied in each drop. But let me tell you, crafting this masterpiece wasn't easy, and this fragrance is unlike anything else.

We wanted to create an aroma that captured fresh woodsy notes, but wasn't earthy.

Easier said, than done.

We wanted a sexy and masculine scent that is better than the most renowned designer fragrances on the market. And SEVEN is exactly that.

What Does SEVEN Smell Like?

This scent is like you're sitting in an ancient forest as the morning mist lifts away, capturing an aura of adventure as you ready yourself for battle.

SEVEN begins with a triumphant top note trio of: hinoki cypress, patchouli, and amber.

The main top note of Hinoki cypress enchants the senses with its invigorating yet light woodsy aroma. Derived from the revered Hinoki tree, this noble note reflects the Bushido principle of Courage upheld by the samurai.

Following closely is the rugged richness of patchouli, a note that grounds and centers the fragrance, embodying the Bushido principle of Integrity.

Patchouli's alluring scent blends seamlessly with Hinoki cypress, signifying our shared value at Live Bearded of being authentic and steadfast in our principles.

At the heart of SEVEN lies the warm and noble note of amber, symbolizing the Bushido principle of Compassion.

Derived from fossilized tree resin, amber's creation takes centuries, aligning with Live Bearded's belief in patience and dedication in crafting the finest products for our community.

As the fragrance unfolds, the captivating layers resonate with each of the seven Bushido principles:

Courage, Compassion, Integrity, Respect, Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty.

So if you're looking for a fresh, masculine, incredible fragrance you can wear year around, look no further than SEVEN.

I highly recommend you sign up to the VIP list to get early access because this one will absolutely sell out fast.

Experience the legacy of SEVEN, a fragrance that has truly become a cherished favorite amongst the entire team at Live Bearded.

Grab SEVEN and Awaken the Warrior Within.