Stay Home Bodyweight Workout (to Avoid the "Quarantine 15")

Spencer Bryce |

Let's be honest, sitting on the couch and binge-watching Netflix while eating spoon fulls of peanut butter sounds like more fun than working out in your living room.

However, with all this extra time at home, we are all likely a little less active as it is, so finding ways to move your body is something we highly recommend so we don't put on the "Quarantine 15"

With gym closures, and more parks and public areas being shut down, finding a way to get a good workout in has gotten a little more difficult. 

So to make sure you have no excuse to not be active over the next few weeks, I wanted to put together a little at-home workout anyone can do without a single piece of gym equipment. All you need is you, and some basic furniture you should have around your house.

Bodyweight Workout

Before we get into the working sets of this workout, it's important to let you know that you CAN build muscle with bodyweight workouts! You just really need to push yourself til failure or near failure to really break the muscles down and build.

So for the purpose of this workout, do as many reps as YOU can do. Push yourself as far as you can for each set so you get the maximum out of the workout. That said, if there is anything you can't do, modify it to fit your ability and know that this is where you are physically today, but you WILL progress and get stronger as you get your practice in!!! If any of these motions are too easy, load up a backpack full of your favorite (and heaviest) books for added difficulty.


1. 10 Minute Squats

Set a timer for 10 minutes. At the start of every minute, squat down to parallel  as many times as you can for that minute. When you get to fatigue/failure, stop until the minute is done. When the next minute comes, start squatting again until the 10 minutes is up. 

Push yourself here to really get blood flow going for the rest of the workout.

2. Chest + Back (4 Sets)

I love doing push and pull together so for this we are super setting pushups to failure with pull-ups or row.

Do as many pushups as you can, then find a door jam or ledge to do pullups, otherwise get under a table and row your body up to work your back.

3. 10 Minute Bulgarian Split Squat

This movement is similar to a lunge, but your back leg is elevated on a chair or couch. Make sure your front foot is forward enough so your knee doesn't track over your toe. 

We are doing this for a full 10 minutes. Start with either foot and do as many single leg squats as you can until you fatigue. Whatever that number is, match the other leg immediately after.

Once you match, go back to the initial leg and go til failure again. Whatever you get there, again switch and match the reps. Repeat this as many times as you need to until your 10 minute timer is off. 

4. Shoulders + Triceps (4 Sets)

For this motion we are really focussing on the triceps and shoulders. A pike press is a great way to activate your shoulders and it's performed similarly to a pushup but you lean more forward over your shoulders to take the chest out and force the load on your shoulders.

Do these til failure then go immediately into dips. Grab a chair or the end of your couch, and use it as a platform for your dips. This will really work the triceps and engage the shoulders/chest a bit. If you can't do these, try a close grip pushup instead!

5. Burpees (3 Sets With Planks)

These SUCK, which is why they are so great!!! Burpees really work your entire body. The idea is to drop down into a pushup, then pop up and explode to the sky. For this working set we are doing 3 sets of 10 burpees, superset with planks for 30 seconds. This will really get your core burning.


Final Thoughts

Guys, if you can't do a burpee (or any of these motions), modify to fit your needs! This isn't the end all be all workout, just some motivation for you to move your body and get a sweat in. I'm a strong believer in taking this time at home to your benefit. Do things around the house you've been putting off, master a new skill, or create new (healthy) habits. 

If you have any questions about this workout or anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime! We are here to support you guys however we can. 

Stay safe out there and as always, Live Bearded!