The Biggest Lie in the Beard Industry

Spencer Bryce |

We’ve all heard it...

"Don’t be a p*ssy, Grow a pair…Man up"

We hear these words when we don’t live up to prescribed notions of masculinity...

In the early 2000s men were influenced by current trends to embrace their feminine sides…

This sparked men to use more hair products, get manicures, and the phrase “real men wear pink” was born.

The metrosexual movement ran wild..

Fast forward to recent years and the “trend” has swayed to the opposite direction.

We saw the “lumber sexual" movement where suddenly you’re more “manly" because you have a beard and you wear flannel...

Men are attempting to embrace the manlier side of masculinity and are using beards to symbolize it...

Be a MAN..grow a BEARD.

The "experts" say grow your beard out and now you’re “Manly!"

I don’t think so...

Yes, beards make you look more masculine… they have been a symbol of masculinity for thousands of years... I get that... and science has proven it!

But I didn't grow a beard to prove to anybody that I am a man. I show the world that I am a man... and a damn good one at that by my actions and my character.

I have a beard because I CHOOSE to...NOT because of some trend.

Your character tells the world you’re a real man, and your beard is the exclamation point that represents those characteristics!

At Live Bearded, this is what a beard represents to us:

Live Bearded

These are some of the characteristics of what it means to be a MAN.

These are the values we strive to live by at Live Bearded and we encourage you to live by them to!

To us, a beard should symbolize these characteristics that in turn make you the man you are. If you agree, I encourage you to SHARE this message. Let’s help each become better men.

Live Bearded Brother!