Time For An Upgrade

Anthony Mink |

Today we are really excited to share, we have a brand new website! For the last 9 months or so, we've been quietly building a new home for LB, and it's finally ready for you! 

It might not seem like a big deal to some, but for us, it's five amazing (and crazy) years in the making...

When we started LB five years ago, it was very humble beginnings. We started in Mink's living room with nothing more than an idea, a ton of passion, and a shoestring budget...

And believe it or not, we've had the exact same website since day one! 

Sure, we made a few upgrades along the way, but we've never had the opportunity to upgrade everything, until now!

Last summer we got together as a team and spent some time reflecting on the incredible growth of LB and this community...

And we decided it was time to build a new home! Our goal with the new website was simple... 

1. Build something great that truly represents our community and who we are.

2. Make it super easy to use.

3. Don't break anything! 😳😜

So... how did we do? 

Check out our new site, give us your honest feedback. From all of us here at LB, we are truly grateful for you and this incredible community! 

It's been a privilege to support and serve you over the last five years! Thank you for your feedback, your support, and your trust. 🙏🙏

Have an amazing weekend, and let us know what you think! 

Live Bold, live Brave, live Bearded.