Trade Your Expectations For Appreciation

Nathan Daggett |

If we simply trade our expectations for appreciation our whole world changes!

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Great video! At times we put unrealistic expectations not just on everyone and everything around us but ourselves as well. I lost my wife of 35 years to cancer last year and it has been brutal. However, I am learning to find joy in the smallest things each and every day. When we realize that life is fragile and relatively short, it helps us to put things into perspective. Don’t spend so much time looking back and looking ahead that we miss out living in the moment. Thanks to all of you at Live Bearded. Your positivity and uplifting videos have made this last year bearable. Stay bearded my brothers!

  • Roger Kestner

I agree with what you We’re saying in your video. I feel the same way.

  • Bob Lamphere

Thanks LB! Always enjoy your messages!!!

  • JD

Very true point. I had high expectations for friends and family only to be disappointed. Now, I am very grateful for what they bring into my life!
I am grateful for meeting and getting to know you, Spence and the guys at Live Bearded! Thank you for your thoughtful Monday messages! It makes me appreciate life and the people who are around me and support me!

  • Pete Schulte

I find it hard to be appreciative of what is happening to the America I use to love and respect. Yes I’m not in Ukraine or Afghanistan or some third world country suffering from hunger or the pains of war. I’m appreciative I’m an American and I can voice my opinion with out retribution or reprisals (on some media outlets). I know this isn’t the America I grew up in and there is no turning back the hands of time but its hard to appreciate things that affect my life not only physically but financially.

  • Larry Ratliff

I guide my life by one notion. No regrets.

I am 58 years old and at a time in my life where I should be able to hop on my Harley and just ride.

Instead, I am raising (and adopting) two of my grandchildren (I have had them since they were babies, they are 5&6 now).

Am I disappointed by what I can’t do or how tight money is?

Not one bit, I have another opportunity to mold young minds into young people that love others and want to make a difference with no limits.

I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world!

No regrets!

  • Mike

Not only do you make awesome beard supplies but you go the extra mile giving sound and honest advice to better all of us. Now that’s what I call an amazing company backed by amazing individuals!

  • John