Way Of The Warrior

Anthony Mink |

With the launch of SEVEN fast approaching, we want to share more about the inspiration for this seasonal fragrance and why we believe it's the most unique limited-edition fragrance yet. 

When creating our seasonal fragrances, we want to do more than just create a new scent, we want to create an experience and recognize parts of history, culture, and the experience of being a man and we think SEVEN does exactly that. 

Whether or not you're interested in the Samurai, or their warrior culture, the seven virtues of the bushido are something every man should strive to embody and live by and that's why we believe SEVEN is the perfect fragrance for this years fall seasonal. 

With SEVEN, you'll journey through time to the age of Samurai, where honor wasn't just a word but a way of life. In every drop of SEVEN, there's a story of ancient warriors, vibrant cherry blossoms, fresh forests, and age-old traditions.

We immediately fell in love with the bold, masculine notes of the hinoki cypress tree and knew we had to build a fragrance around it. Adding in some patchouli and warm amber makes this a truly unique fragrance that will leave a lasting impression.

Originating in Japan, throughout history the hinoki cypress was highly valued for its versatility, strength, and fragrance. The Samurai used it to create armor and weapons, as well as castles, temples, and shrines making it essential to the Samurai. 

The Samurai upheld a strict moral and ethical code called the seven sacred virtues of the Bushido. These seven virtues become the backbone of the Samurai warriors and their identity. 

Embrace Your Power

Bushido means "way of the warrior" and these virtues played a critical role in shaping the Samurai's culture, instilling a sense of duty, responsibility, and honor. 

The Bushido code was created in the 1600s and we believe its more important today than ever before...

And we think you'll agree! Here are the seven virtues of the Bushido.

Above all else, honor is the cornerstone to being a man. Being a man of character with self-respect is the foundation of the warrior spirit. 


Heroic courage and the ability to willingly face your fears is required to be a warrior. The goal is not to be fearless, the goal is to move forward courageously in-spite of all fears and doubts. 

True warriors have no reason to be cruel and prove their strength through respect and compassion. Self respect, and showing respect to our fellow man is the most honorable thing we can do. 

When warriors say they will do something, their actions always align with their words. They always speak truth and never shy away from their actions. 

To truly be a warrior in every sense of the word, integrity is critical to everything we do. We must be trustworthy, reliable, and accountable.

Building on integrity and righteousness, being consistent is critical to the way of the warrior. You must always being trustworthy, dependable, and consistent in everything you do.

Warriors stay fiercely loyal to everyone they care about and are responsible for. Loyalty is the glue that holds everything together.

Now more than ever, it's critical for men to live by a set of values and to intentionally decide for themselves who they want to be. 
With this in mind, we created SEVEN so you can smell incredible and be reminded of the way of the warrior. Together, let's lead by example and live with Honor, Courage, Respect, Honesty, Righteousness, Consistency, and Loyalty. 
Get ready to awaken the warrior within. ⚔️🌲