I Grew A Beard For 100 Days, Here's What Happened

Spencer Bryce |

When I shaved my beard off it was with the intention of immediately growing it back and documenting the process.

It was an emotional experience filled with both regret and excitement, and the last few months have certainly been a fun journey. 

It had been nearly a decade since I had seen my face, and growing a beard out from fully shaved was something I hadn't done in so long I had to relearn, or at least re remember a lot of the in between steps that come with growing a beard.

In this blog post, I want to walk you through my 100 day process and what I experienced, what products I used and when, and how I trimmed along the way to keep it from looking a mess.

My hope is that it'll help you in one way or another.

1 Month Beard Growth

When you put the razor down and let it grow, there isn't a lot you need to do in the first week or so...

But one thing I experienced right away was how dry my face got after shaving. Immediately following the big shave, my skin felt super tight and dehydrated. 

I wanted to experience what would happen if I ignored it as most guys do, even knowing it wouldn't be good, so I didn't apply Beard Oil or lotion to my face for the first couple of days.

beard oil


My face was so dry and irritated that I couldn't take it, so I pulled out some Beard Oil and eliminated the irritation quickly.

The reason your skin starts to get irritated as you grow your beard out is because your beard hairs are pulling all the oils away from your face to keep the hairs moisturized. 

Your body can't produce enough sebum oil to keep both your face and beard hairs moisturized so your face suffers.

If left alone, this will cause "beard itch", irritation, and flaky skin.

Simply apply Beard Oil daily to your skin as you grow you beard out and you'll avoid this from happening. Plus, you'll create an optimal, healthy environment for your beard to thrive from. It really does make a huge difference.

Boars Hair Brush

I found the Boar Brush super helpful during the super early stages of beard growth was a Boars Hair Beard Brush.

The thousands of bristles help bring circulation and blood flow to the surface of your skin, which can help with beard growth.

This will also help train your beard hairs to grow in the same direction which will prove helpful as they grow out.

Outlining My Beard

One of the big early turning points of growing a beard happens when you shave or trim an outline shape of your beard.

When you do this is up to you, but the 2 weeks mark is a good loose target.

When you first grow a beard, you know you've committed to making it happen but the world doesn't. To everyone else, it's unclear if you've been lazy, or just getting back from a long vacation.

You want to have some intention and outline your beard to define the shape and make it clear that you're growing a beard.

I shot a video walking you through how I do this which is here for your convenience.

2 Months Beard Growth

When you come into the second month, if you followed the outline rules from the video above your beard should be starting to come in nicely.

While we all grow a beard at slightly different rates, it's pretty common that we all have areas that grow faster than others. 

For most guys, the hairs on the neck grow a lot faster than the chin and cheeks. During the second month this will start to get pretty noticeable.

I was starting to get an area that looked bad from the side profile, so I trimmed it off and shot a video to show you how to do the same.

Beard Butter

As your beard grows into the second month, you'll have some unruly flyaway hairs that want to stick straight out to the side.

You want to power through and not trim these down, but you'll need something to help tame them.

That's where Beard Butter comes in.

beard butter

Not only will it help the hairs lay down, but it's a deep conditioner that will soften your beard hairs and help you avoid the "it's so scratchy" comments notorious for shorter beard lengths.

Trimming Your Sideburns and Cheeks

If there is one area I'd recommend trimming as you grow your beard out, it's the sideburns and cheeks. If this area is left untrimmed, you'll quickly get a round looking face which can make you look heavier than you are.

It's amazing what just a little trim can do, so I shot this video to walk you through how to do it using your MT-1 Beard Trimmer!

3 Months Beard Growth

As I got into the third month of beard growth, my handlebar mustache came back!

And boy was I glad! At this stage in my beard growth I felt like "me" again.

I started using Mustache Wax to train the hairs to pull away from my mouth and flip up, and with a few tricks it came back as good as ever before.

Here's a little video I shot to show you how you can separate your stache from your beard to make it pop.

Final Thoughts

Once you've made it this far, you're really in the home stretch!

If you're looking to grow longer, regular maintenance on the sideburns and cheeks will keep it clean while the length comes with time.

As for me, I've been playing around with some different lengths and look forward to having some fun and mixing it up! 

If you have any questions about anything you read or watched here, or need help with something else, don't hesitate to reach out to support@livebearded.com and we're glad to help. 

Leave a comment and let me know if you found this helpful and which length you think suits me best!

Thank you for your support, it truly means the world to all of us.

Live Bearded, Brother!

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Great tip. As a recently retired vet I’m looking forward to growing a beautiful bear and majestic mustache so I’ll definitely be applying this tip.

  • BillyBoyB

Thank you for your presentation. It was very informative. I will definitely try your advice on trimming the sideburns and cheeks.

Thanks so much,


  • David Sleppy

Been growing my beard since middle May so I am close to where you are. Beard oil and beard butter are now my friend. Still have one side that I am trying to straighten but is slowly straightening out with length. Many times I have thought about cutting short but am pushing through. It’s been 34 years since I had a beard due to my different careers I have had so growing a beard is a new thing. Live bearded as shown me some things I needed to help me out

  • Kevin

Hey Brothers,

Just wanted to say that this has been truly eye-opening. Thank you Spencer for going back to day 1 and showing us your journey to the perfect beard! I’ve been trying, for a few years now, to try and do just this. I usually come out with everything wrong as stated above: high neck line, unruly hairs, itchy beard, rounded face and my absolute fear: no handle bar 😭 I will do my own ‘ground zero’ now from watching this and get the needed supplies for it! I have no beard trimmer, mustache wax or oil, so those are my next step before I begin. I think I will document this process as well. So, a huge thank you to you sir and Live Bearded and so excited to begin this journey to a better beard!

  • John S. Di Pol

What if you’ve always had a beard like Spencer but haven’t known things like mustache care or neck hair v. Chin hair management, but you don’t wanna start from shaved? Are there any “walk it back slightly” type of practices so you can get an idea of what your beard wants to do without goin naked?

  • Ethan O'Donnell

Was Spence using Beard Boost during the regrowing process?

  • Dominick Licciardone

Thank you for the video’s they are very helpful!
I’ve always had a beard but never known there was oil, wash or any of those things out their. I just cut my beard off to start over again as I have been watching you video and wanted to start again right. Im going for the Viking beard and did pretty good last time. Im using your ledend line and like it very much. Do you have leave in conditioner as it was not available at the time.


  • Mike