Beard Oil vs Beard Butter

Spencer Bryce |

Beard Oil VS Beard Butter...A heavyweight title fight if I’ve ever seen one….

Beard Oil is the hometown favorite that nearly every beardsman uses… And Beard Butter who is newer to the game but packs a HUGE punch!

Who will take the title home in this head to head match?

Beard Oil vs Beard Butter

Let's find out! First up...


1. Ingredients:

Beard Oil has been referenced many times as the foundation for a great beard and although ingredients can vary, it is generally comprised of two types of oils.

Type 1 – Carrier Oils

Carrier oils help hydrate and moisturize your skin and beard, reducing beard itch, beard dandruff and creating an overall healthier, better beard. Some carrier oils such contain vitamin E which can help bring circulation to the skin and promote better beard growth.

Type 2 – Essential Oils

Essential oils are added to carrier oils to create delicious fragrance like pine, cedar, sandalwood, citrus, and vanilla.

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2. Benefits

Beard oil is the perfect way to moisturize and maintain the health of your skin and beard while promoting better growth in the future. As your beard grows, it absorbs the natural sebum oils from your skin causing dryness, redness, beard itch, and even beard dandruff.

Beard Oil Eliminates:

  • Beard Itch – the primary reason many men don’t continue their beard growth.
  • Beard Dandruff – dandruff of the beard – flakes of skin everywhere.

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3. Application

Beard oil should be applied daily and should be applied under your beard, to your skin. After you shower and wash with a proper Beard Wash, gently towel dry your beard and apply the oil.

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1. Ingredients

Beard butter is generally comprised of oils and kinds of butter. The best base is shea butter combined with carrier oils and essential oils for fragrance. The shea butter will give it a light creamy texture and provides deep conditioning.

Our proprietary and specially formulated beard butter is the perfect combination of shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and grape-seed oil. We mix everything together, heat to the perfect temperature, and stir it to perfection!

Beard Butter Secret Sauce

The secret sauce for a perfect beard!

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2. Benefits

Beard butter acts as a deep condition to your beard, keeping your hairs soft and healthy. Plus, it gives you the perfect amount of style/hold to style your beard to perfection.

It’s as if you’re walking around with conditioner in your beard all day long that gives you the perfect shape and style.

And on top of that, our butter instantly absorbs into your beard hairs giving your beard a much fuller, healthier appearance.

And who doesn’t want a fuller beard???

It will leave your beard soft and manageable, smelling great, and looking even better!

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3. Application

Beard butter should be applied daily for styling and moisturizing purposes. It’s best applied by heating it up in the palms of your hands and applying it to your beard directly.

Here's a video showing you our recommended simple 3 step process you should go through daily:


Beard Oil VS Beard Butter winner is…

It’s a DRAW!

Beard oil and beard butter TOGETHER is the PERFECT 1-2 punch for your beard!

The Beard Oil will benefit your skin, eliminating itching and irritation while promoting healthier growth in the future…

And Beard Butter will keep your beard hairs healthy, softer and fuller while taming flyaways and keeping your beard styled and shaped to perfection all day long.

If you want a healthy better-looking beard, I highly recommend using both beard oil with beard butter daily along with an all-natural beard wash for best results!

We spent over 14 months testing and tweaking our custom formulas to create the highest quality beard products possible! We currently offer 5 awesome fragrances and each one has countless 5-star reviews!

Plus, every product we sell comes with a LIFETIME Warranty and a 100% Money Back Guarantee! The bottom line is, we guarantee you’ll LOVE it or your money back!

Whether you use our beard products or not, we are here to support you and answer any questions you might have. Whether it’s product-related, styling related, or just about anything at all. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

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As always, Live Bearded Brother!