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Spencer Bryce |

If you're new to the beard game, welcome! If you've had a beard for a while stay tuned, there are a few things here you need to know. Growing a beard is simple in nature. Step 1, put the razor down. Step 2, let biology take over and you'll soon sprout a beard. 

The reality? Growing a beard is actually a bit more involved than that, at least if you want an impressive beard, and especially if it's your first time growing.

Here at Live Bearded, we KNOW beards. From beard trimming, beard styling, beard grooming, and everything else beard, we've got you covered. So I'm going to give you a few tips to make your beard growing and styling experience a little easier.

Have Patience & Don't Compare

The biggest piece of advice I can give guys growing a beard for the first time is to have patience. Many guys get this idea of the beard they want to have, and they expect to grow it in a couple of months. The truth is, it may take twice as long than you think it will.

On average, a beard will grow at about a half-inch per month. So if there is a beard style you have in mind, do the quick math to get an idea of how long that might take. But keep in mind this is just an average. Your beard may take 5 times as long. Your beard may grow really fast for the first couple of months, and then start to slow down.

Your hairs grow in cycles, and there are tons of factors that play in here, but regardless you need to have patience and know it will likely take longer than you think to achieve the beard style and length you want. Have patience and we'll help you get there in no time.

People Love AND Hate Your Beard

One thing you'll learn very quickly is that people will notice your beard. Whether it's a good kind of notice or a bad, they will have an opinion.

One of the biggest surprises I had when first growing a beard was how nearly every bearded guy I would pass would give a nod. It's almost an unspoken thing men do to show respect. It's a fascinating and amazing thing. 

On the flip side, you absolutely will have people who don't like your beard and they'll let you know. It could be family members, significant others, or friends. They are going to do their best to talk you out of growing your beard. Stay strong!

Line Up Your Beard Early

When you first grow a beard, people around you may think you're just being lazy. One of the best ways to avoid this is to line up your beard within the first couple of weeks of growth so you can clearly define and see the shape of your beard.

When it comes to shaping and lining up your beard there are 3 lines you need to trim:

Cheek Line

The cheek line is pretty straight forward. Keep this line as high as naturally possible and only trim away any rogue hairs growing above the bulk of your beard. Connect from your sideburn to your mustache in a straight line or a line with a slight curve, whichever you prefer, just keep the line high up on your cheeks!

Sideburn Line

The sideburn line or the back line of your beard is a bit more difficult to get right simply because it's hard to see. The concept is simple, run the line off the back of your sideburn straight down. You'll really only be trimming away any hairs that grow back towards the back of your neck. 

I shot a detailed video here on how to trim a beard yourself where I show you my approach, but essentially I use a small hand mirror to see what I'm doing with the trimmer.


Lining up a beard neckline is a bit easier than the back line, but it's botched all the time. You want to trim this line where your head connects to your neck, or about a finger above your adams apple.

You do NOT want to trim this line on your jawline. If you do, it'll make your side beard profile be much to thin, and as your beard grows in length it'll only be more noticeable. You want and need the neck hairs to grow out to be the foundation of your beard.

Here is a video where I show you how:

When You Should Trim Your Beard

After you line up your beard and really define your beard shape, you can let your beard grow for the next couple of months. Check-in on your lines every week or so to trim away the new hairs to keep your beard looking tight, but otherwise you need to have some patience and let your beard grow. 

Depending on the way your beard grows, you may need to check in about once a month to see if your beard is growing evenly. It's very common to have certain areas of your beard grow much faster than others, while thinner areas that grow slow.

The reason you check in with your beard is to even things out and make it look better WHILE you're growing. There is no reason to have it be all over the place unless all you care about is length. If you're looking for a detailed explanation on the beard trimming process, again check out how to trim a beard article here.

Your Beard Doesn't Always Look Good

It's easy to see pictures of bearded guys and want your beard to look like that. And with the right trimming and grooming, you can! However, don't think it's going to always look that good. You will have bad beard days. You will wake up with your beard sideways. You will have moments when you contemplate shaving. Don't ever make a rash decision, just know that it's a bad beard day and tomorrow will be different!

You Are Your Worst Critic

When you're growing a beard or you have a beard, you are staring at it probably multiple times a day in the mirror only a few inches away. You are going to constantly focus on the areas that you aren't happy with. Maybe it's a patch or thin spot under your lip. Maybe it's your cheeks that are a bit thinner than your chin.

Every guy has something about his beard he doesn't love, so don't beat yourself up for having an area you wish looked different. Nobody is staring this closely at your beard, and nobody is judging you for your beard. 

Beard Products Make All The Difference

Don't Use Bar Soap

The skin on your face is different than on your scalp and body. Bar soap and body wash have harsh ingredients that will dry out your face and beard and can cause damage and slow growth. Use a beard wash that is gentle and designed for your face.

Beard Oil Cures Beard Itch

Beard itch, one of the leading culprits causing guys to shave. If you've ever grown a beard you know, and if you're just starting your beard you'll likely suffer through it if you don't take the right steps.

Beard itch happens because your face is extremely dry. As your beard grows out it pulls the sebum oil your body produces naturally away from your face. The result? Dry, itchy, irritated, flaky skin.

The solution? Beard Oil. Beard oil will not only eliminate these things but also moisturize your skin to keep it healthy which in turn helps promote better, healthier beard growth.

Beard Butter Changes Everything

As you continue to grow your beard, you'll notice some hairs that are a bit wild. They'll stick out everywhere and give your beard a bit of a disheveled look. There are a couple of options to fix this.

You can trim these beard hairs away to sculpt your beard which I cover in detail in this article and video "Beard Trimming For Beginners".

OR, you can use Beard Butter to give your beard just enough hold to keep these hairs more controlled and looking good.

Use your finger to scoop out about a dime size amount, and rub it into your palms to melt it down. Then apply it to your beard, and follow that by combing or brushing your beard. Not only will your beard smell amazing, it'll have a fuller appearance and stay looking great all day long.

Final Thoughts

There is sure to be a ton of other questions that come up regarding how to continue to grow and groom your beard into a masterpiece, and that's what we're here for!

Here at Live Bearded, our mission is to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best. We have a LIFETIME guarantee on everything we sell, and we are here to support you however we can. Contact us anytime and let us know how we can best help you.

Live Bearded, Brother!