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The Best Way to Trim a Short Beard

At Live Bearded, we want you to proudly rock whatever beard makes you the most comfortable...

Whether that's short, long, curly or straight!

When we first started Live Bearded, I grew out my beard for about seven months...

But I realized, after playing around with a few different styles, that I ultimately preferred to have my beard a bit shorter and tighter.   

So for all the guys with shorter beards out there, I wanted to walk you through what I do, step by step, when I trim my beard. 

Step 1

I start out with the Brio Beardscape - it's a GREAT tool and I only have to use two guards to get the look I want. As you can see in the video, the goal is to contour my beard to my jawline. 

Step 2

I prefer to have my beard a little shorter on the sides and fuller towards the front. You'll notice that I go with the grain instead of against the grain to get the look I want.

I start in the front and move the Beardscape downwards with the fuller guard. 

Step 3

I switch the guard and begin trimming the mid section along my cheek. Again, the hairs will be a bit shorter so the fuller part of my beard is at the front. 

This is a key step in making the v-shape of your beard on point!

Step 4

For my sideburns, I switch the guards again and this time go against the grain to make sure they are both the same exact length. 

It's definitely noticeable if they aren't!

Step 5

For my mustache, I use the same guard that I use on my sideburns to maintain consistency. 

Step 6

After I trim the length of my entire beard I run a comb through it to see if I missed any stray hairs.

Once that looks good, then I move onto making sure my neckline is even, and I do this free-hand without any guard. 

This is a more tedious process and takes some enhanced concentration. As you can see in the video, I use all sorts of angles to make sure my lines are straight, even and sharp.

Step 7

To line up my mustache, I use my top lip as a guide to precisely measure where to trim.

Just be extra careful as you do this!

I'd recommend starting at a longer point before moving further up. 

Tips to Remember 

  • Always start with a bigger guard and move to a shorter one. That way you can limit any major mistakes!
  • The best part about using the Beardscape and its guards is it limits any potential errors. If you like the v-shape bearded look, it makes trimming fast and easy. 
  • Once you are done, definitely apply Beard Oil. This is going to help your skin underneath your beard so it stays hydrated and moisturized. 
  • Finally, take a dab of that glorious Beard Butter in your favorite scent to lock everything in!

Final Thoughts 

Here at Live Bearded, all of our beard products are 100% natural and proudly made in the USA.

If you have any questions, or need anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

And as always,

Live Bearded, Brother!