3 Grooming Areas Most Men Miss

Spencer Bryce |

We can all agree that beard grooming should be an essential part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant. 

But there are a few other key grooming areas that should be addressed every so often that we often see missed. 


This is a really easy area to neglect and you may think others won't notice, but trust me, they do!

For most guys, every so often a rogue eyebrow hair will sprout significantly longer than the rest and usually doesn't lay nicely with the other eyebrow hairs. 

You can simply yank it out with your fingers or a set of tweezers, or you can trim it down with your beard trimmer.

I like trimming it down because in doing so you can even out the hairs and hedge your eyebrows to look a bit cleaner.

Warning - I highly recommend doing a dry run first with your guard not attached or at the very least with your trimmer turned OFF. 

The last thing you want to do is trim your eyebrows much too short. All you're looking to do is trim any rogue hairs down to the length of your other hairs.

For the guys who grow a little extra in between your eyes, trust me I'm with you, I recommend grabbing your tweezers and pull these ones out.

Recommendation: Check in here 1x a month and trim only when necessary.


I certainly didn't have to worry about this in my 20's so I suppose this is one of the great things of getting older...

But rogue hairs on your ears is a very common thing for all of us and it's never a good look. 

Check the top, back, bottom, and inside of your ear every so often to make sure you don't have any unwanted hairs hanging out.

If you do, grab your trimmer and take it down or pull it out, whichever you prefer. 

How you do it is less important than making sure you do it at all.

Recommendation: Check in here 1x a month and trim only when necessary.


In and around your nose you likely have a lot growing on...

Nose hairs growing into your mustache. Mustache hairs growing into your nose.

You want to check in to eliminate the unwanted hairs to give your mustache a clean look, and ensure you don't have nose hairs quickly becoming the only thing people can look at when talking to you.

Grab your trimmer for the mustache hairs and trim down the hairs right at the bottom of your nose.

For the inside, this is a bit more of a tactical task.

Pulling out individual hairs can actually lead to ingrown hairs and infection, so I'd recommend grabbing a pair of grooming scissors and cutting them down.

Recommendation: Check in here 1x a month and trim only when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Proper grooming doesn't need to be an overcomplicated process, but something you need to consistently bring into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

In doing so you'll create a more confident version of yourself, and it's our mission to help you do exactly that. 

If you have any questions about this, throw a comment below or email us at support@livebearded.com

Thanks for your support and as always, 

Live Bearded, Brother!

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