3 Most Common Beard Trimming Mistakes

Spencer Bryce |

We’ve all made beard trimming mistakes...

Whether you’re new to the beard or have had one for years, at some point you’ll lose focus for just a second and BAM, you've lost months or years worth of growth!

But trust me brother, you are NOT alone...

Beard Mistakes

Having a beard makes a statement. It represents you as a man and is a direct reflection of your personality and style. Both growers and admirers have their preference in length, shape, style etc.

So learn from our mistakes over the years and follow these guidelines so you can avoid making them yourself!

3 Common Beard Trimming Mistakes & How To Fix Them

1. The Neckline

This is hands down the most common error committed by beardsmen all over the globe, and will have the most impact on how FULL your beard grows in.

A good way to determine where your neckline should be shaved in, is where your head connects to your neck (not exactly on your jawline!).

Here's an example...

Bad Neckline:

Bad Neckline

Good Neckline:

Good Neckline

You can quickly tell the difference in the width of the second beard.

As you grow your beard longer these hairs under the jawline will make a HUGE difference in adding fullness to your beard!

If your neckline is currently shaved in too high, don't go shaving your entire beard to start over! Simply let it grow in and it will naturally blend together.

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2. The Top Line

For those of you who shave your top line, it’s inevitable at some point you’ll shave one side lower than the other.

A good rule of thumb is to stop yourself from going back and forth more than 2 times.

Remember, you are your own worst critic and nobody else is staring at your beard as close as you are. The last thing you want to do is go back and forth, taking the line lower and lower (see the bad neckline picture above, much too low!).

We don’t want any chin straps around here!

PRO Tip: Keeping your top lines natural is a good way to avoid this common mistake!

3. "Trimmed" Too Much

Every beardsman knows how much time goes into growing a beard.

They’re also badass so chopping off a chunk is a huge bummer.

It takes patience to grow a beard and a lot of it, so keep that patience when trimming to avoid these costly mistakes.

If you happen to cut too much, simply put the scissors or clippers down and walk away.


Making this mistake will naturally upset you. This is not the time to finish your trim.

Come back later to finish the job when you’ve settled down.

When you come back, try to even it out so it’s less dramatic and leave it alone. Remember... it’ll grow back soon enough.

NONE of these beard grooming mistakes are worth sacrificing your beard!

Before and After Beard

Simply adjust accordingly and let your beard do it's natural thing... grow. Learn from your mistakes and show your patience when trimming.

Greatness doesn't happen overnight!

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Live Bearded Brother!