Mess Up Your Beard? Here's 4 Things You Need To Do Right Now!

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Ben York |

Just like in life, the bearded journey is filled with LOTS of learning experiences... 

  • "I'm just going to take a little bit off the sides."
  • "My beard isn't looking great today; I'm going to cut it off."
  • "A quick mustache trim will do the trick."

Cut too much off?

Trim your beard unevenly?

Brothers, learn from my (multiple) mistakes... 

If you've ever looked for a quick fix and f--ked your beard up, there are 4 things you have to do right now to move forward with confidence!

1. Face the Facts

Here's the thing... if you made a mistake on your beard, trimmed it too short, or cut off too much, there ain't nothing you can do to un-do it.

Yep, it sucks.

The most important thing you CAN do, however, is not compound the mistake.

That is, don't make it even worse!

Many times, if we mess up our beard, we think it looks waaaay worse than it actually does. After all, we are our own worst critics, right?

Take a few moments, step away from the scissors/trimmer, and breathe. 

2. Start/Continue Taking Beard Boost

In early April of this year, I started to trim the sides of my beard to slim them down a bit.

That was a mistake.

Just 25 minutes later and my beard (which was the longest it has ever been) was virtually non-existent.

After uttering a few four-letter words, I went to my medicine cabinet, pulled out the Beard Boost that I inadvertently stopped taking, and got back on track. 

Now, about three months later, after taking Beard Boost religiously, my beard has never grown faster.

It's not where I want it to be, but it is getting there quicker than ever before. 

3. Watch Live Bearded Videos!

We literally have dozens of videos that will guide you through every possible way to trim your beard.

Don't make the mistake I did and think you remember the right way to do it...

Watch. These. First!

Whether it's taking a little bit off the side, shaping your cheek line or adjusting the entire shape... we have you covered!

I recommend... 

The Right Way to Fade Your Beard

Shaping Your Beard

 Curly Beard Trim/Shape

Don't want to take the chance?

I totally get it.

You can always go to a professional!

4. Be Patient

I know it sounds cliché...

I know you've heard it before...

But patience is the key.

If you think too much about how crappy you think your beard looks, it's going to drive you crazy. 

Remember, your beard grows, looks AND feels different than any other dude on the planet. 

So own that uniqueness!

Stop comparing how your beard looks to anyone else's.  

Continue taking proper care of your beard with oil, butter and beard wash. Eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

Seeing a noticeable increase in beard length will happen faster than you may think...

Final Thoughts

Remember, every single person who has ever grown a beard has messed it up. It happens; it's part of everyone's bearded journey.

The key, however, is once you inevitably make a mistake (and we all do!) to not make the same error again.

And if you're thinking of making a change, give yourself at least a few days before moving forward. Acting on an impulse can set you back months!

Need custom advice? Shoot us a message and we'll be happy to hook you up. 

Until next time, 

Live Bearded, brother!