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Anthony Mink |

5 Reasons Why 200,000+ Guys Use Our Products Daily

"I love your company's mission to make every Beardsman better. Also, I dig that your products are all-natural and your 365 return policy is just nuts. That's why I picked you guys in the first place. You obviously feel your product is great to back it up like that." - James F. 

1. Better Beard Guarantee

Our all-natural beard products are scientifically designed to help you grow a softer, healthier, better beard and with over 150,000+ men using our products daily, the results speak for themselves.

“My beard is the nicest it's ever been and my wife commented on how much softer and better it is since I started using your products! These guys are awesome, I guarantee you'll love the products.”  - Anthony P. 

2. Made In The USA

We proudly stand for the national anthem, fly the stars and stripes in our office and make our beard oil, butter, wash, wax, and growth vitamins in the United States of America!

"The first time I opened the beard wash, a bald eagle screeched just outside my window, and “Born In The USA” started playing on my stereo. The smell of this stuff is incredible, it's made in the USA and it makes my beard irresistible to my fiancé. Why buy anything else?" - Derrick N.  

3. Incredible Fragrances

All of our fragrances are hand-crafted using all-natural ingredients like sandalwood, vanilla, citrus, clove, pine, leather, and bergamot. With six unique fragrances, we've got the perfect fragrance for your beard.

"These products are unbelievable. Makes your beard so soft and healthy feeling and the wife loves the scent. They make her very, very happy ;-) I’m hooked! Thanks for the amazing products.”  - Nick P. 

4. All-Natural Ingredients 

We only use all-natural ingredients and fragrances in our products to create the highest-quality products possible. We will never with the use of parabens, sulfates, silicones, or synthetic alcohol for any reason.

"I Bought the sample pack to see which scent I would like best and the problem is they're all fantastic and can't choose just one! I love the all-natural ingredients, you can tell these are quality products and well worth the money!" - Nick F.

5. Try Risk-Free

Why Do You Use Beard Products

Final Thoughts

We started Live Bearded with the goal of helping beardsmen look, feel and be their best, and we are here to support you any way we can. If you're new to Live Bearded, welcome brother. 

To learn more about us, check out our reviews page and our about us page, and let us know if you have any questions. You can call, email or instant message us anytime. Click here to see our products.