6 ways to Grow that EPIC Beard!

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JP Harris |

Hey Brothers! JP here!!  In this episode of JP's Corner, I answer the biggest question that we get on a daily basis, "How to grow a better beard!" 

It could seem like its a simple task to 'just grow a beard', but there is a lot that can go into it! at least to get the best beard possible! 

I will go over:

6 ways to Grow that EPIC Beard!

Hydrate -

Hydrate for superior, increased moisturizing  and hydration to your skin which will add moisture to your follicles and your BEARD!  If you don't hydrate properly, you can experience dryness, itchiness, and even beard  breakage! DRINK DRINK DRINK!!!

Eat your Vegetables -

Eating whole and healthy foods will help to nourish your skin, follicles and in return, your BEARD!! A healthy body will equal a healthy beard!! So, EAT YOUR VEGGIES!!!!!!

Exercise -

In short exercise will boost your testosterone.  Increased testosterone will increase hair growth and result in a bigger beard!! So, hit the gym, go for a run, do some jumping jacks or push ups..  Produce more testosterone!! Get... NO, RUN to the chopper!!!!

Sleep -

Rest is essential for muscle  recovery. Keep in mind that the hair follicle is essentially the muscle that your hair uses to move and grow. It needs recovery to grow STRONG and LONG!! Feel free to grab a few catnaps all that you can!!!

Sex -

Pre and post sex will produce more testosterone.  As we know, more testosterone = More Beard!! Go and Boost your beard.... GET SOME!!!!

Beard Boost - 

BEARD BOOST is a beard growth supplement scientifically formulated with the highest quality vitamins and minerals available to help you grow a bigger, thicker, fuller beard faster! This beard growth cocktail is formulated to, Help you grow a bigger, thicker, fuller beard, Increase your beard growth rate,  Nourish your beard from the inside out, And strengthen your hair fibers.  We can tend to have deficiencies in our Vitamin and mineral intake.  The boost can help with regulating our bodies needs for these vitamins and minerals.  It can help to "fill in the holes" that may be keeping us from that glorious beard!!

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 Stay Tuned to our next Episode where we discuss all the beard tools that you will ever need!!! 

Be Grateful,

DO Better and,

LIVE BEARDED, Brothers!!