A Little (Beard Trim) Goes a Long Way

Spencer Bryce |

We've all heard the saying "a little goes a long way", right?

Well our brother Mike sat down with our trusted barber Parker to to show us just how true this statement is when it comes to getting a beard trim.

It is important to understand that getting a beard trim does NOT mean you have to take length off. Focussing on areas like the sideburns and cheeks can dramatically change the way your beard looks without taking any length off.

When you go in to see a barber don't be afraid to voice this. Often times barbers want you to feel like you got your money's worth so they'll take more off than you wanted. Speak up and make sure you're very clear with what you're looking to do and if you aren't exactly sure, email us at support@livebearded.com and we are happy to help!

Live Bearded, Brother!