A Look Back At 2022

Nathan Daggett |

2023 is here already, and it feels like 2022 went by in the blink of an eye. As we head into this year we have a lot of exciting things in the works, and surprises we know you will love! Before we get too busy with all of that though, we wanted to take a moment to look back over some of our favorite moments of 2022.

2022 was a year filled with new products and improvements across the board for us, so take a moment to look back and see if you missed anything!

Leave-in Conditioner

We launched our brand new, leave-in conditioner!  This product is truly exceptional, and for me personally it is hands down my favorite beard product on the market. The response has been so overwhelming that we sold out in just a few weeks. If you have not tried it yet you are really missing out, but don't just take my word for it, go look at the reviews and see for yourself!

MT-1 Beard Trimmer

This year also saw us launch the MT-1 Beard Trimmer! We had noticed a hole in the market, all of the trimmers out there were designed to shave beards off, rather than shape and maintain them. So we got to work on making the perfect trimmer for home use!

New Apparel

This year we really wanted to step-up our apparel game! We had not one, but two limited-edition flannels, our first ever party shirts, new hats, beanies, and we introduced our new initiative First Friday, where we bring you a new shirt the first Friday of each month!


Seasonal Fragrances

This year saw one of our most diverse, and in my opinion best selections of seasonal fragrances yet. We started off with our coffee inspired scent Rugged Roast. As the weather warmed up into spring we had Sundaze, which brought the scent of a grapefruit shandy to life, and sold out fast! In the fall we dropped Skal, our Viking cologne, and it quickly became a crowd favorite, so much so that it sold out on release day! Finally, as the holidays rolled around we were able to bring back Claus, which literally smells like Christmas in a bottle!

Functional Cologne

This year we were also able to release on e of the most requested products of all time, Utility Spray! We wanted to reimagine what cologne could be. We were so tired of these companies charging $100 and more for some fancy glass bottle, with half an ounce of toilet water inside, so we set to work to make something masculine, versatile, and affordable, and Utility Spray is most certainly that!


Running With The Beards

100's of brothers from all across the country came together for our second annual Running With The Beards Charity 5k! Not only did we get to have an incredible time meeting so many of you, and having a blast at the after-party, but we were able to raise thousands of dollars for Phoenix Children's Hospital in the process. That sounds like a win win to me!


Black Friday New Products

When it came time for the holidays we wanted to have lots of surprises for everyone! Not only did we run the best sale in company history, but we were able to drop a few amazing new products and give away some pretty epic gifts in the process. 

We release our brand-new Man Candles so you can finally set the mood without having to light up some fancy glass jar labeled Sea Breeze. The feedback has been awesome, with many noting that it helps their wives "feel like they are still home" when they aren't.

We also released our brand new lotion, in all your favorite scents! As men our skin can get pretty dry and beat up from working so hard, and we wanted their to be a great, all-natural option out there to protect your skin without leaving you feeling all greasy and smelling like a meadow!

Final Thoughts

2022 was a fantastic year where we were able to take your suggestions and requests and innovate some truly incredible things. We had a ton of fun along the way, whether we were formulating new products, or making an epic music video to make you laugh! Thank you for all of your support through this year, we are truly grateful for you!

Drop us a comment and let us know what your favorite release of 2022 was, and what you hope to see in 2023!