All Things Beard: Introducing JPZ Corner Episode 1

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Spencer Bryce |

I am beyond excited to introduce the latest video series, JPZ Corner! If you don't know who JP is yet, you're in for a treat! JP is one of the most driven guys I know. He's always striving to be a better version of himself and he plays all out in every aspect of his life. 

JP is the man in charge of our customer service here at Live Bearded. He's at the front lines every day doing whatever it takes to make sure every brother is ALWAYS taken care of. He works around the clock to go above and beyond for you guys because he genuinely cares that much. 

One of JP's passions is video. He's had several successful YouTube channels and has always enjoyed creating awesome videos. So we thought we would combine his passions of supporting you guys and shooting videos and create the newest content series here at Live Bearded!

So what is JPZ Corner??

Everything BEARD

In this content series, JP will cover all things beard. From beard products to styling and trimming, he will help answer questions you guys have and be much more entertaining than my usual videos. 

The Bearded Lifestyle

We all love our beards, but we also love other things. So JP will cover some other topics that are appealing to many of us throughout this video series so stay tuned for some fun stuff!


This is what Live Bearded was founded on. Creating a community of men where we can encourage each other to DoBetter every single day and become the best version of ourselves possible. So JP will cover what it means to be a brother, and share some stories about the incredible community you all helped create. 

Stay tuned for a very fun content series, and if you guys have any questions or topics you would like JP to cover, don't hesitate to email JP at