Ambassador Roundtable: Misconceptions and Advice

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Ben York |

At Live Bearded, we believe when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you Do Better in all aspects of life.

In fact, our mission is to help beardsmen look, feel, and be their best... and we do that through uplifting, encouraging and supporting men during their individual journeys.    

That's why we are so proud to feature an eclectic, diverse and badass group of Bearded Ambassadors!

Not only do they have ridiculously AWESOME beards, they're genuinely good guys and represent Live Bearded with honor, integrity and brotherhood. 

In the first edition of our brand new content series called the Ambassador Roundtable, we caught up with Steve Fausneaucht, Mikey Glunt and David Kirk to talk about bearded misconceptions, the best grooming advice they received and more!

What is your favorite thing about having an epic beard? What is the worst part? 

Steve: My favorite would have to be the compliments on my beard's color, shape and fullness. The worst? Growing out the 'stache has been the worst part, always in every bite or dripping with coffee.

MikeyFavorite thing about having a beard is the protection it provides.  Whether it's from the sun, the wind or the cold and even deeper than that I am protected from other people - meaning my beard acts as my own sword and shield so to speak. Worst part is definitely eating. Have to have a good strategy for every meal.

David: Very few guys have a nice big beard and the compliments that go with it. The worst part is wind. Having a big beard, wind is the enemy. But then they invented Hair Ties which I steal from my wife!

In your opinion, who has the best beard you've ever seen?  

SteveHmmm, I don't have a favorite, per se. We all "beard" differently with color, speed of growth, shape and style, etc. We are all working with what we've been given and so I'll do the bearded head-nod salute to all the beardsmen out there working on their craft!

MikeyMy favorite beard belongs to Jeff Dempsey. He is a badass bearded CrossFitter. My bearded idol!

David: If you asked about only mustaches... I'd say Sam Elliott. But the best beard would have to be Johnny Depp. LOL. Sorry... I had to... 

The serious answer would be Andre Matthews. When I first decided to "go big or go home," Andre was my bearded inspiration. He still is. It appears he is an awesome father, too. That's BIG points right there.

What is the funniest and/or most random thing someone has said about your beard? 

Steve: Someone once said I could hide a litter of kittens in my beard!

Mikey: Someone asked if it was really worth all the hassle of maintenance and time to have such a long beard. A laughable question...

David: As the Facility Director of a very large church, one morning I was in the lobby between services. A woman and her four-year-old son were sitting across from me. She proceeded to say to the little boy that he needed to settle down or he might not get anything for Christmas. She then said you never know who might be watching to see if you're being good. As she said that I looked up, and right then she nodded my way so the boy would look my direction. All of our eyes locked at the same time. Except the little boys eyes got HUGE and he said, "Santa!" He got up and high-fived me. 

What is the biggest misconception about your beard? 

Steve: Easy. That I'm in a band. Or a lumberjack. 

Mikey: That it gets in the way. I admit I've had to change the way I do some things, but I adapt and overcome.

David: Probably that it must be super hot to have one. And I always get the, "Isn't it dirty from when you ate?"

The best bearded advice you've ever received is _______.

Steve: Bearding is like a Bonsai... it takes lots of time and patience waiting for it to grow with small clips and training in the process.

Mikey: How to curl my mustache properly to keep it out of my mouth. A friend of mine, Alan McDonald with Death Grip Wax, showed me the best way to curl my mustache and I have never gone away from that advice.

David: Stop f---ing trimming it!! 

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