Announcing Our Hiking Community

Ryan Kearney |

I think it's fair to say, most of us could benefit from spending a little more time in nature and going on a hike at least 1x per week. This is why I decided to start a hiking group near Live Bearded Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. 

Time in nature is one of my greatest joys in life and over the last 3 years working remotely most of my time in nature has been in either the oceans or the jungles of Bali, Indonesia, and Hawaii. Last month I moved to Phoenix, AZ to start working full time at LBHQ.  I am so stoked for this new chapter of life, and I promised myself when I got set up in my new home I would start some type of hiking group to create a community around living a happy, healthy, holistic life, connected to nature.

Now, we all know having a beard does NOT make you a man or a better person.  So this hiking group is open to all. The Live Bearded attitude of Gratitude, the desire to Do Better and Relentless work ethic are the common ideas that connect the Live Bearded community beyond the beard.

How To Join Us:

  1. Trust that you are welcome and getting outside in the morning will be a positive force in your week.
  2. Keep an eye on our social media. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube
  3. Almost every week on Monday or Tuesday we will announce a time and location to meet up and hike on Wednesday morning usually around 6:30 am and plan to hike for 60-75 mins.
  4. No need to RSVP but if you want to send us a message or confirm your status on the FB event we appreciate it.  That way we can plan some giveaways or other groovy surprises based on the # of people that might show up.
  5. Bring some water.
- The Real Stache Master (aka Ryzan)