Bald and Bearded Trim and Shaping

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Ben York |

The bald and bearded look is unique, masculine and full of character. 

Yet finding the right combination of a bald head and beard can be... challenging.

But why is that?

Well, every dude has a different set of features that requires a different type of beard to best fit the desired bald look. 

For example, if your face has more of an oval shape, typically a wider, fuller beard seems to fit better.

And if your face is more round, a narrow beard with some increased length is usually the go-to choice.

More of a square/rectangle shape? Give a beard a shot that emphasizes your jawline.  

However, here at Live Bearded, we encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and find a style that YOU love! The most important thing is feeling confident about your look. 

In this video, Nathan wanted to narrow his beard just a bit and have his massive mustache trimmed to perfection. So he went to see our trusted barber Parker from Sungold Tattoo & Barber, who is among the best in the barber game. 

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