Bar Soap Review

Anthony Mink |

Whenever we create a new product, whether it's a new fragrance like 1880, or a new product line like our brand new all-natural Bar Soap...

We spend months perfecting our formula and stress-testing it with our entire team to make sure it's will stand the test of time. 

That means, 8 big, sweaty, hairy, bearded dudes are spending months battle testing every product we create, looking for flaws and ways we can improve it. 

Then, once everyone on the team approves it, we send out some samples to beta testers for additional feedback. 

We just received the first couple of bar soap review videos from our beta testers and we wanted to share them with you. 

We are very excited to announce our brand new All-Natural Bar Soap goes on sale this Friday, May 7th! 

Made with all-natural ingredients and our six irresistible fragrances, it's time to throw away your gross chemical-filled brick of Irish Springs or Dial you've been using and upgrade your shower!

Our soap is made with ingredients like bamboo charcoal and pumice particles (ground-up volcanic rock) to clean and exfoliate your skin. 

Then we added coconut oil, avocado oil, and other all-natural ingredients to condition and hydrate your skin giving you a smooth, clean, refreshing feeling to start, or end the day!

Our Soap goes on sale Friday, May 7th, and will be in 1 bar, 3 bar, and 6 bar bundle options starting at $7.99 a bar with bundle discounts available! 

Let us know if you have any questions.

Stay tuned,

Live Bold, live Brave, live Bearded

P.S. Our brotherhood rewards All-Stars get to pre-order on Weds!