Beard Balm vs Beard Butter

Beard Balm or Beard Butter...that is the question!

With so many different products on the market, knowing whether beard balm or butter is best for your beard can be confusing. Rather than you spending your hard earned money on a product you may or may not like, I want to explain the difference between a beard balm and a beard butter so you can buy with confidence.

Let’s first start with Beard Balm:

Beard Balm is typically made up of a tacky combination of oils and beeswax, and some variations will have shea butter to soften and moisturize. Beard Balm is going to give you some moisturizing for your beard, but where it really benefits your beard is the tacky consistency to hold your beard in place.

PROS: If your beard is on the shorter side and you have some unruly hairs, you may want to consider a beard balm to really hold down those hairs.

CONS: The down side to beard balms is that the beeswax can make your beard hard or stiff, so be mindful of how much beeswax is used (especially your beard gets longer).

Beard Butter - The Legend

Beard Balm will typically come in a much smaller size. 2oz Beard Balm vs 4oz Beard Butter (for the same price)

So What is Beard Butter?

Most quality beard butters will be a shea butter based formula along with carrier oils which will give you the hydration you need to promote fuller, healthier growth. Beard Butter is the perfect way to give your beard a deep condition while holding and shaping your beard and keeping it in place all day long.

PROS: Works great for beards of any length and will provide deep condition while giving you style/hold without leaving your beard stiff.

CONS: It doesn’t taste very good on toast! ;)

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If you want a healthier, better-looking beard I highly recommend trying beard butter. It will help you tame flyaway hairs, style your beard to the perfect shape and deep condition your hairs without the clumpy or greasy feeling most balms create.

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